How to prevent breast cancer with alternative medicine?

By: Dzhingarov

There is a huge increase in the cases of breast cancer all around the world, especially in the last 50 years, due to various outside negative factors. There are various ways to treat this particular disease, for example, the traditional and conventional western medicine ways that include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy. There are others that turn to alternative methods of treatment that have proven to be effective, such as, herbs, acupuncture, hypnoses, tai chi and so on.

breast cancer

Diet, Exercise And Sun

It might sound the simplest idea ever, but if a women has a healthy and balanced diet, does at least 30 minutes and exercises per day and stays in the sun (outside) as much as possible, the chances to develop breast cancer will drop considerably. It’s a simple as that and this particular routine will do much more than just prevent breast cancer, it will keep you strong and in shape.

Vitamin A & D

This is one of the most important vitamins that your body needs in order to keep breast cancer at bay. The nutritionist’s advice is to obtain vitamin A from rich foods rather than relying on supplements. You can always opt for organic eggs, raw butter, raw whole milk, beef or chicken liver. It’s very important to understand that the vitamins in your body one of your strongest defenses against any health diseases, cancer included as well.

If you choose the vitamin A supplements, you need to know that they can provide a negative impact on vitamin D. You should check with a doctor to see if your body’s vitamin levels are right and what dosage of supplements should you take.

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Vitamin D is considered to be very helpful for the health of the body in general. The best way to obtain vitamin D is through sunlight, so as exposed earlier, stay outside as much as possible so that your body can assimilate vitamin D.

Estrogen levels

It’s important to understand that excess body fat produces estrogen and a high dosage of estrogen in the system offers an opportunity for breast cancer to occur. The best solution here is to maintain a healthy weight. Of course, this will come with a regular diet that aims to build a healthy body, but minding the overweight and the extra fat is surely necessary.


This particular ingredient is an active compound that is able to be very useful in the treatment for breast cancer. It has proven to be useful as a method of dealing with the disease in its early stages. The downside of this method is the fact that it requires high concentrations of curcumin and there is a risk for it not to be absorbed completely.

To conclude, there are various methods and alternative techniques that will offer another option to the traditional cures. There isn’t one that is better than the other, it’s important to find one that best works for you. Preventing the disease will surely lead you to a healthy life.