After effects of Laser Hair Removal

By: Dzhingarov

Benefits of laser hair removal are plenty when you compare it with waxing, tweezing or shaving. It is less painful, fast and also precise. You can remove the unwanted hair from your arm, leg, face, underarm, bikini area etc. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposing it to laser beam which will destroy hair follicle. It will easily select dark hair and will help to remove it without causing any damage to the skin surrounding it.

If you want to remove unwanted hair from your eyebrows or upper lips, it will take only one minute and if you need to remove unwanted hair from your legs or arm it will take just one hour. Yes, it is fast and convenient. That is why it is highly demanding and is widely practiced in most clinics. Like any other things laser hair removal has its positive and negatives. It is not a treatment that can be done in beauty salons and spas. You need an experienced medical practitioner to do this treatment. It is very important make sure you are doing it under licensed practitioner.


Laser Hair Removal
By Dr. Braun under CC BY-SA 2.0


Laser Hair Removal and after

Laser hair removal has lesser side effects and is normally very safe. But sometimes patients can experience some discomfort and side effects. Normal side effect of laser hair removal is redness of the skin, swelling, itching, pink skin etc. These are some of the common side effects and it will normally vanish within two to three days. The doctors normally prescribe some gel or cream to apply on the affected area. You can also use ice packs, anti inflammatory creams, cold water etc to cease the discomfort. Sometimes the patient may experience pain during the procedure. It will be more painful for the patients with thicker and darker hair because stronger laser beam will be used to remove this hair. The more sensitive the area the more pain it will be. To avoid this numb creams are used thirty minutes before the treatment.

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Skin irritations and burns are other side effects. Though there is a possibility of permanent scarring, it is a very rare case. Burns mostly happens if you do this treatment under inexperienced practitioner. Blistering is another side effect and this normally happens if the patient is exposed to sun or tanning bed before or after the treatment. After laser hair removal you need to avoid sun till the time the skin is healed. Even after skin is healed if you need to go out in the sun, you should always use sunscreen lotion .Changes in pigmentation is yet another outcome of laser hair removal. This is mostly visible in people with darker complexion. The skin will either be darker or lighter but this is a temporary problem.

Some of the measures that you can take to avoid adverse side effects are to get the procedure done under an experienced medical practitioner and make sure you get thorough consultation both before and after the treatment. And another main thing you need to do is avoid the sun.