The Truth about Creatine and Debunking the Myths

By: Dzhingarov

When talking about sports nutrition or supplements, the substance creatine often comes up for debate from a variety of users whether they are hardcore athletes, bodybuilders. Regular gym users or even the occasional to moderate exercise enthusiasts, it has a reputation as being a powerful supplement that can have many effects, both positive and negative.

First of all what is creatine exactly? Well creatine is actually something that occurs naturally in the body to help supply energy to cells within the body, mainly muscle tissue. This increased ability to store energy allows users of creatine supplements therefore to exercise more vigorously as they can recover faster. The following are a few observations on some thoughts that are out there currently on creatine:


By Jan Michael Marasigan under CC BY 2.0


Creatine can help you gain muscle without exercising

This is not true. A person taking creatine as a supplement looking to develop muscle mass should only ever use creatine if they are exercising regularly as part of whatever exercise regime they are on.

Is Creatine basically like steroids?

No, certainly not. Creating is a naturally occurring chemical in your body and can be taken in supplement form in moderation to aid the ability of the body to produce energy cells to muscle tissue.

When you stop taking creatine you lose muscle

False. You may physically look a little smaller as creatine helps the body store water, however your dry muscle mass should certainly be maintainable provided you keep up your weight lifting regime.

Is using too much creatine bad for you?

Yes it can be. You should always consult your doctor before adding any additional supplements to your diet. Creatine is usually fine if used responsibly, in the correct amount and as part of an overall work out regime. Creatine is a powerful supplement that should be treated with respect.

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Creatine does not always work for everyone

True. Everyone has different biological make ups/metabolisms that will react differently with different supplements as part of different workout and exercise regimes. Again like any supplement you should consult your doctor prior to adding any additional supplement to your diet.

What are the benefits to using creatine responsibly?

  • Gain significant energy boosts
  • Increase your recovery in between workouts
  • Make good muscle mass gains
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Improved overall fat-free mass/lean muscle tissue
  • Improved overall strength levels

As you can see there is a lot of myth and misinformation out there on creatine and it is very important for you to do your own research into a product by reading up on it thoroughly before hand, along with consulting with a registered medical professional.

In the modern era why know live in, those looking for a powerful advanced supplement have a huge selection of other products available on the market including some fantastic natural growth hormones, which when used correctly, can be very beneficial for regular gyms goers, weight lifters, power based athletes and body builders.