Japanese Weight Loss Patches

By: Dzhingarov

Japanese mint weight loss patches offer an innovative solution for fast and effortless weight loss. According to their manufacturer, these patches can aid weight loss by suppressing hunger, expanding digestion and breaking down fat stores in your body.

Unfortunately, their science remains questionable. Some contain ephedrine – a stimulant with potentially hazardous side effects such as nausea, anxiety and shaking.

Himitsu patch

This detoxification patch claims to be the solution to weight loss problems. Claimedly created by a Japanese doctor (different websites name this person differently and no links exist for research or first names), it works by stimulating fat cells that reduce body fat via some magical process and also removes the need for healthy food consumption and exercising routines.

Himitsu Patch contains ingredients like Japanese mint, which has been touted to break down fat cells and boost metabolism, and Fucus Vesiculosus herb, which aids in breaking down fatty acids. Available in multiple sizes for wear on lower abdomen, 8-10 hours a day is advised for maximum results according to manufacturer.

The Thrive patch, featuring green coffee bean extract made from raw, unroasted beans and chlorogenic acid derived from it, has proven successful at aiding weight loss while simultaneously increasing energy and improving blood circulation. Available across both North America and Europe.

Weight loss patches should not be seen as a quick solution to obesity. People often mistakenly attribute any weight loss they see with the patch; in reality, most likely it was due to changes in diet or exercise regimen and must continue these changes for lasting success.

Himitsu Patch not only acts as an effective detoxifying agent, but it can also promote improved sleep and relaxation due to the natural herbs and nutrients found within its composition. In addition, Himitsu patch is completely side effect-free making it suitable for adults without pregnancy or lactation complications and broken or irritated skin issues.

Hokuto mint

Hokuto mint, also known as Canada or American mint, has long been used to treat stomach ailments for centuries. Additionally, its strong and refreshing scent has long made it a beloved component of teas and herbal beverages alike. Hokuto mint’s distinct taste also sets it apart from spearmint toothpaste products; commonly found toothpaste breath mints and mouthwash. Grown worldwide including North America (scientific name Mentha canadensis); it can even be found growing wild in China or Java!

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As previously reported, Mementha canadensis contains high concentrations of menthol. Furthermore, its essential oil can be deodorized using a dementholizing process and the Hokuto mint has shown to be particularly effective at neutralizing body odor due to compounds like Pulegone and Menthone; additionally it boasts high concentrations of Menthane which makes it suitable for use in toiletry products.

Stick-on weight loss patches infused with Hokuto mint are the latest Internet fad to hit, promising to eliminate diet and exercise by “triggering fat cells to reduce body weight by an incredible mechanism without loosening skin”. Unfortunately, as with other trends, these patches may not live up to their promises; at best they may help curb appetite, boost metabolism, block absorption of sugar/starch, but if people continue eating fatty foods they won’t see much if any weight loss at all.

Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract is a natural ingredient found in coffee that can be taken as a weight-loss supplement. Produced by unroasted coffee beans and rich in chlorogenic acid – an anti-oxidant plant compound with antioxidant properties – green coffee bean supplements may aid with weight loss, blood pressure management and heart health while simultaneously increasing energy levels. Supplements should be combined with healthy diet and exercise plans; those with heart conditions or other medical issues should consult their physician first before beginning this regimen.

Green coffee bean extract has gained increasing attention as an aid for weight loss in recent years, thanks to its ability to suppress appetite and accelerate metabolism. Unfortunately, research remains inconclusive regarding how exactly this works, although some studies indicate it may help in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in obese adults as well as decreasing glucose levels in blood – two key aspects in weight reduction.

Himitsu Patches are another form of weight loss patch designed to support your body’s natural ability to shed fat. Containing Japanese mint and bitter orange, which have been shown to both suppress appetite and boost metabolism rates; as well as Fucus Vesiculosus and Zinc Pyruvate which aid weight loss by improving digestive function.

Himitsu patches may offer an appealing new solution for weight loss, but it is important to keep in mind that they haven’t been clinically evaluated. They may not be as effective as other weight loss products like the hCG injection which have shown substantial long-term results and contain caffeine which could potentially cause side effects in some users.

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Bitter orange

Bitter orange is an herb with multiple applications, including helping people shed unwanted weight. Its active compounds have been known to decrease appetite, boost metabolism, block sugar absorption and starch absorption and make vitamin C available for glucose use by your body. But you should avoid bitter orange if you suffer from certain health conditions; such as long QT interval syndrome; as this can increase heart rate and cause irregular heartbeats while interfering with blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers.

P-synephrine chemically is similar to that found in ephedra, an herbal remedy banned by the Food and Drug Administration due to its potential to increase your blood pressure and heart rate, leading to serious side effects. National Collegiate Athletic Association recently added p-synephrine to their banned substances list; however, unlike ephedra it doesn’t possess the same pharmacologic properties and therefore considered much safer.

Though widely recognized for its stimulating effects, bitter orange has only limited evidence supporting its use as a weight-loss aid. Although bitter orange may help you feel full after meals and may promote weight loss overall, it won’t result in additional weight loss than would occur otherwise. Furthermore, bitter orange can interact with certain medications by increasing their levels that must be processed by liver enzyme CYP3A4.

There is some evidence to support claims made for bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) called limonin that it can help decrease appetite, improve your mood and boost energy. Unfortunately, however, more rigorous evidence for other weight-loss claims such as increasing immunity or treating depression or anxiety remains insufficient.

Some companies have produced patches containing Japanese mint that claim to bypass dieting and exercise by stimulating fat cells to break down and burn away fat stores. While these products can be purchased widely online, no scientific evidence supports their claims and few people find them safe or effective; there has even been some cases linked to heart attacks.