How to Lose Weight Fast: 4 Easy Steps

By: Adrian Cruce

Losing weight shouldn’t feel like a chore. With several ways to help you lose weight, there is always something new you can try out to help shift the pounds and leave you feeling healthier. In this article, we will look at four simple steps that can transform your body for the better.

Reduce Your Sugar and Carbs Intake

Cutting down on how much sugar and carbs you consume will see your hunger levels reduce, helping you stay in control of how many calories you eat each day. Instead of burning carbohydrates for energy, you will see your body will begin to feed off stored fat. Cutting down on carbs can bring other benefits such as lowering insulin levels, which in turn will reduce any bloating and water weight that you may be carrying.

Maintaining Your Protein

Each meal that you eat should include low-carb vegetables, a fat source and a protein source. Bringing your carb intake to between 20-50 grams per day will see you in the recommended range, helping aid weight loss. Protein sources can be found in meats such as lamb and chicken as well as in fish and seafood such as shrimp and salmon. Those who eat high levels of protein may also see their metabolism boosted by 80-100 calories each day. Diets that are high in protein tend to reduce obsessive thoughts and cravings about food by up to 60%.

Lifting Weights

Adding exercise into your daily routine can be another way to aid weight loss. Attending a local gym near you a couple of times a week can make the world of difference and improve your physical strength. If you aren’t too sure where to begin, you may benefit from joining a fitness app program. These can even put you in contact with a local personal trainer who will be able to advise you on your fitness goals and how best you can achieve them. If you’re yet to catch the gym bug, simply taking 15 minutes of your day to go for a jog can be just as beneficial.

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Other Tips

There are plenty of other tips that may be useful to you to help you lose weight. Loss of sleep can play a huge part in weight gain so it is best to seek out medical advice from a professional who will be able to address your problems. Although it is advised to steer clear from sugary foods and drinks, caffeine in coffee can increase your metabolism by up to 11%. Also make sure that you are incorporating whole foods into your diet as they are more filling and healthier, leaving you less likely to overindulge.

To see the health benefits that you want, make sure to stick to a breakfast that is high in protein. You should also refrain from drinking fruit juices and sugary drinks. Once you begin your weight loss journey, you should begin to see noticeable results, giving you more energy and leave you feeling happier and healthier. If you find after trying countless tips that you still are struggling to lose weight you may want to contact the Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado to find out if bariatric surgery might be right for you.