How To Get More Vapor From Your E-Cigarette

By: Dzhingarov

If you are a vapor that loves the large vapor clouds that can come out of an e-cigarette but you have no idea how to actually get more vapor from your e-cig, we got you covered. It does not matter if you have been vaping for a really long time now or you are just starting out. Cloud-chasing can be enjoyed by anyone.

The one thing that you should know is that you cannot get large vapor clouds if you use a disposable, small e-cigarette. Just forget about it if this is your case. However, this does not mean you need to buy a really expensive electronic cigarette. Those are oftentimes really confusing and you have to use a mod to get great clouds.

Increasing vapor clouds is possible in various ways. You most likely already tried some methods. Whether you did or you did not, we do have some simple recommendations for you. The tips below are proven to increase vape clouds.

Use E-Juice With High VG Level

Most of the e-juices you buy include either VG (vegetable glycerin) or PG (propylene glycol). Both of these have specific benefits but if your goal is getting a bigger cloud, you want high VG. This is because of its thicker consistency. All experienced vapers that want those big clouds prefer vegetable glycerin.

The high VG level e-juice takes advantage of vegetable glycerin’s natural capability of capturing moisture. As you put this into the air, clouds appear larger and instantaneously spread out. So, as you buy your liquid, look at the levels listed. This is such a quick change that causes an instant difference.

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Upgrade The Vaping Device Used

You surely expected this ever since we highlighted that you cannot get thick clouds with disposable e-cigarettes. Do not rely on the starter e-cig. Such a device is not designed in a way that can handle the necessary airflow needed for the clouds you want.

As mentioned above, you do not need to buy a really expensive gadget. The minimum you need is a mid-size e-cigarette that includes a strong battery, together with a refillable liquid tank.

It needs to be added that a mistake many make is buying a very complex e-cigarette. You should not do this. You want to slowly move up in vaping. This guarantees you have the knowledge you need to safely operate the vaping device. For instance, with some of the advanced models you can change battery settings but if you do not know how to do this, problems will appear.

Adjust Wattage/Voltage

Since we mentioned the battery, one way to increase vaping clouds is to adjust wattage/voltage. The e-cigarette has an atomizer that determines vaping resistance. Quality e-cigarettes allow users to change wattage/voltage and this will automatically affect the amount of vapor you get as you use the device. This addition was made because changing wattage/voltage affects the taste of the e-liquid but you can easily take advantage of this setting to increase vape clouds.

The only problem with this is that it is not easy to master this subject. You can check out this guide for information about the subject. This is important as you can burn out the atomizer quite fast if you utilize an incorrect wattage/voltage setting.

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Lower Vaping Resistance

There are different parts that make up the atomizer, which is paramount to the levels of e-cig vapor produced. When the clouds are not large enough, buy an atomizer that gives you the possibility to lower resistance. As you do this the coil of the e-cigarette is heated faster. More vapor is produced as a result.

When you do not know what atomizer to consider, just go to a local vape shop. The only thing you need to worry about is having a suitable battery. However, the person you talk with at the shop can surely help you.

Change E-Cig Tip

Experienced vapors all know this. Do all that was mentioned above and then change the tip. This can increase airflow to get even larger clouds. It is just that little extra that you most likely want to try.

Final Thoughts

The tips we mentioned above will surely help you to get more vape from your electronic cigarette but we have to acknowledge the fact that you simply might not want to get your hands dirty. If this is you, just talk to someone that knows more than you. The vape shop workers are more than happy to help you out. If this is not you and you love getting your hands dirty, experiment! This is actually a really big fun part of vaping.