Top 5 Best Healthcare Careers for the Future

By: Dzhingarov

If you are considering a career in healthcare and want to look for a job that has a bright future, there are plenty of choose from.  But of the many areas of health and well-being, some stand out as being near certainties for future success.  Here are five examples.

  1. Pharmacist

The pharmacist is quickly becoming the first point of call for patients in the new tiers of the NHS.  This means demand for them is high and there is plenty of work once you are trained.  Pharmacists do a lot more than just man the desk at the local chemist – they are in charge of organising medication but also offering advice for people coming into the shop with problems.

  1. Cosmetic treatment specialist

There are lots of different cosmetic treatments and you can train in one or a number.  There are also places around the UK where you can train so you can take Botox training or learn about other treatments in centres near where you live.  This is ideal if you are retraining and have a current job you want to study alongside.

  1. Physical therapist

With an ageing popular, there is growing demand for the physical therapist to help them manage the physical issues that are common as you get older.  They are also on hand to help with accidents and injuries as people try to get fit and keep active to be healthier.  It is also a wide career that lets you specialise, and you can even go into teaching.

  1. Healthcare IT manager

As healthcare goes digital, practices, trusts and private healthcare businesses all need IT experts to either work with them or to outsource their IT needs to.  So if you have the right computer skills and can help create, manage or fix IT systems for healthcare professionals, this is a career path that is only going to grow.

  1. Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists are cousins of the physical therapist but look at a range of physical or mental issues to help people recover or adapt.  They help people to cope with everything from stress to a disability and offer a combination of social work, mental health and education.

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Get the right training

Whatever path you plan to take in your healthcare profession, make sure you get the right training.  This is key to being hire-able when you apply for roles and ensures you have the knowledge you need to make a start.