Here Is Why You Are Not Losing Weight

By: Dzhingarov

People that have weight loss as a goal normally end up feeling frustrated when results do not appear. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we may believe. Most people do not understand various things and eventually end up quitting.

The big problem is that we cannot tell you exactly why you are not losing weight. There are many reasons why this may happen. The highly important thing at the end of the day is to be completely honest with yourself. If you do that, you will identify the problems.

In order to help you out, let us jump start the process and help you identify your problem by highlighting the most common reasons why people do not lose weight. These are usually the main reasons so let us start by focusing on them.

You Do Not Eat Enough

You Do Not Eat Enough

You have to eat in order to lose weight. This is difficult to understand for many. The body actually needs calories even to burn calories. When you do not eat as much as you need to, the body will end up burning all resources that are available for the energy it needs. The initial weight loss that you will notice when you eat less than the body needs is not natural and will cause huge problems. The idea with weight loss is to determine how many calories your body needs and how many calories you burn daily. Then, there has to be a difference between these, one that is as high as 500 calories, not more.

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Not Measuring Calorie Intake

Not Measuring Calorie Intake

Many think that they just need to work out and eat healthy. While you do not have to measure things like vegetables, fruits or salads, you want to think about the olive oil that you add to the salad. Make sure that you calculate all the caloric foods so that you actually know how much you eat. At the same time, do be sure that you get all the nutrients that the body needs.

You Drink Alcohol

You Drink Alcohol

People love a glass of wine once in a while and you can easily think that one glass is not a problem. Well, alcohol will have a really bad effect on weight loss. If you really want to lose as much weight as possible, you want to be sure that you avoid all unhealthy foods. This actually includes all alcohol since you consume empty calories.

The Silent Killer


One of the huge weight gain contributors is stress. It will ALWAYS hinder weight loss. That is because stress leads to high cortisol production, which promotes fat loss. It is really important to try to reduce stress as much as possible. If you find yourself being too stressed, too often, incorporate yoga in your workout routines. You will be surprised to notice the benefits of that.

What You Perceive As Healthy Is Not Healthy

healthy food that is not healthy

So many things are advertised as healthy when this is not the case.  Some of the items that have the “low fat” label on them actually have too much fat in them. You should understand that calories and fat are not enemies. Both are important for weight loss.

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Always do your research! Be sure that the food that you think is healthy is actually healthy. Learn all that you can about the foods you eat and you will notice that you can lose more weight by avoiding the unhealthy foods that pose as healthy.