Herbal Remedies for Pinworms

By: Adrian Cruce

Health is very important for each and every one of us and this is the main reason why we should be well informed about various types of health conditions which might affect us and most important, proper treatments for such problems.

Pinworms for example represent a common human infection which is always better treated by using natural remedies. Such treatments have proven quite effective when it comes to getting rid of such body invaders which cause a lot of problems and which can have long term side effects if not treated promptly and properly.

The serious problems caused by pinworms

For those who might not have heard about pinworms or who might not be quite well informed about what these body intruders can cause it is time to clarify a few aspects which will be quite important in case they might ever face such problems. First of all, it is important to mention the fact that pinworms cause severe rectal inching and create a wide range of problems to those infected.

Transmission facts

The worse fact related to pinworms is that transmission occurs very often in the case of children especially when they tend to put their hands in their mouth thus making it the perfect environment for bacteria and infections. This happens mainly because pinworm eggs usually lodge under finger nails thus being re-ingested when eating thus making the cycle of infestation continue.

Best Home Remedies: Garlic

It has been proven the fact that certain home remedies are effective in our fight against pinworms and their serious side effects. The first home treatment to consider is garlic. This natural food is once again on top of the list of natural treatments for serious health issues.

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You can either use the garlic powder or in case that does not seem to function, you can simply add as much garlic as you can in your favorite foods. You will definitely benefit a lot from this healthy food remedy.

Best Home Remedies: Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is another efficient natural home treatment for pinworms. The way in which you can create this seed extract is by mixing 10 drops in a glass of water and drink the mix at least three times each day for a week. You can also find it already done in a commercial form and the great news is that it also has other health benefits beside its magnificent effects against pinworms.

Best Home Remedies: Carrots

Carrots have also proven to be quite effective in the case of individuals who have pinworms and do not know how to get rid of them. What you have to do is simply eat shredded raw carrots a few times each day because this will naturally purge the unwanted worms from your suffering intestines. In case you do not like carrots you could try to mix them with certain products such as honey so as to improve their taste and be able to eat them for a few days.

Best Home Remedies: Butter Gourd

Are those bothering pinworms still creating problems for you? We have yet another home remedy for you: butter gourd juice. It is an effective way in which you can manage to flush pinworms and their bad eggs from your body thus keeping it healthy.

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When suffering from terrible infections such as the one represented by pinworms it is highly recommended to try one or more that one of these natural treatments which will make you feel better in no time by getting rid of them and not suffering from any side effects. Fight against pinworms and keep yourself healthy by following these useful pieces of advice!