Why Is Acupressure A Great Healing Method For High Blood Pressure?

By: Adrian Cruce

Acupressure and acupuncture have been around for a long time and they predate modern medicine and all of its discoveries. This is an alternative solutions to all the pills and the drugs that doctors prescribe to their patients. There are many people who practice this particular type of healing because it is based on simple human body studies. Everything is linked in our body and with the right amount of pressure, one can easily enhance his health and more importantly, they can do it on their own.

Pressure Points

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There are certain points in the body that function as triggers when it comes to pain relief and relaxation. Of course, one needs to be informed about how things should be done, because they can hurt themselves without even knowing it. There are a great deal of pressure points that can be used in order to relieve pain, but here are three of the most popular.

  • The Spleen –This zone spreads at about three fingers width above the inner anklebone. It’s easy to find and the pressure needs to be moderate. By triggering that particular area, you are basically accessing your spleen.
  • The Liver – The area that triggers the liver can be found in the soft flesh between the big toe and the second toe. The pressure needs to be gentle and soft.
  • The Large Intestine – The area designated by the thumb and the forefinger can easily target the large intestine. It’s simple to reach and it does wonders for the body.
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High Blood Pressure

acupressure high blood pressure

There are a variety of diseases that can be treated through acupressure or even acupuncture. The key to all of this is knowledge and understanding how this healing method works. Let’s take the idea of a person that suffers from high blood pressure. The specialists in the field talk about two very effective areas that can be accessed in order to lower the blood pressure.

The first one is called GV 20 and can be found at the center of an imaginary line from one year to the other, on the top of the head. Applying pressure and massaging that particular area will help to refresh the body and help with relaxation. As a piece of advice, it is recommended to press and release the point using the thumb for about 15 times in the morning after waking and 15 times in the evening before going to bed.

The second point of pressure is called H9 and it can be found at the root of the nail on the little finger. This applies to both little fingers. This particular point should be activated whenever there is discomfort in the chest.

As mentioned above, these are just some ideas that can be used as an alternative to modern medicine. It’s simple, you only need to relax your mind and trust your body. The reason why everything works is the fact that the body is a whole being and every part of it it’s connected to the others.