Really Popular Acupressure Points For Self-Treatment

By: Dzhingarov

People have been using acupressure for such a long time now. It is a healing technique that involves using fingers and pressing various important healing points on the body. The body is basically stimulated in order to cure itself faster, boasting the curative abilities. This technique will release tension, boost your immune system and increase circulation. In most situations acupressure is utilized in order to develop spirituality and reduce pain.

Applying The Pressure

Besides knowing the pressure points, it is really important that you use your strongest and longest finger in order to apply the pressure for around 3 minutes. The feeling that appears may be different based on the point that is used. In some cases you will feel ache and tension while in others you will not feel much. The important thing is to make sure that you do not reach the level when pain is too strong. Decreasing pressure is important in this case. If you feel pulsation, do not worry since this means that you have increased circulation.

AbdomenAnd Chest Acupressure Points

These are important as they can improve various conditions like breathing problems, anxiety, emotional issues, digestive issues and fatigue. One of the main pressure points is located on CV17, along your lung meridian. You use it in order to treat chest tension, shoulder tension, asthma, wheezing and coughing.

In the middle of the abdomen you also have point CV12, which is used to treat diarrhea and heartburn. One inch under your belly button you can find point CV6 and it is used for those that suffer from weakness, low energy, edema and bloating.

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Head Acupressure Points

The scalp and head acupressure points are often used as they are associated with healing insomnia, excessive thinking, dizziness and headaches. In this case we see the technique used as a way to normalize the body’s circulation while increasing Qi flow all throughout the body.

The Governing Vessel is the most important one. It is basically the meridian that is along your hairline, marked as acupressure point GV 20. Applying a steady pressure will benefit you as it helps deal with prolapses, dizziness, low energy and even most headaches.

Arm Acupressure Points

There are many different acupressure points that are used on arms and hands, points that do not have direct connection with just the hands and the arms. In most situations these points will be used in order to treat respiration difficulties, digestive problems, anxiety and cold symptoms. Hand points can be found on both your hands. The problem is that hands get used to pressure. Because of this, you need to have rest between sessions.

Some of the most important pressure points are right along your wrist. Where the wrist creases the hand, you can find point LU7. You use it in order to deal with various cold symptoms. Finding the point is easy. All you have to do is feel your pulse. Where it is stronger, you find the point.

Leg Acupressure Points

You use these acupressure points in order to deal with circulation problems that the body may have. Right under your knee cap, you can find point 36. It helps deal with pains, anxiety, low energy, low immunity and leg pain. When you slide the finger across your tibia, you go down a little higher than your foot, having the SP6 pressure point, one important in dealing with insomnia, low energy, anxiety and can relieve stress.

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