The Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

By: Dzhingarov

The body is built to heal itself. For instance, when you get a cold, you develop a fever. This is simply the body burning the infection out of your system. On many occasions, one demands too much from the body without giving it ample time to recover and rejuvenate. The sauna helps your body maintain the balance it needs.


What Exactly Happens?

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Many are wonder how saunas help your body and how does exactly sauna work. The heat produced penetrates the body to a tissue depth of about an inch. It induces a natural fever without any illness. This causes your body sweat more. Consequently, you get to get rid of toxins from within that have built up due to normal body functions, environmental, stress or medicinal related situations. In addition, during the process, one’s heart rate rises to rates that are similar to when one is doing gentle exercises. This increases circulation and more efficient body function.

Infra red saunas use light waves to create heat. This form of therapy and treatment is rapidly gaining popularity due to its vast range of benefits and extremely minimal risks. The infra red saunas are gaining popularity in recent years and are being more and more used because of their benefits. There is a debite going on pro’s and cons of infra red and traditional saunas. Almost everyone that has tried it has been convinced by its results. But what exactly are these benefits?


Calorie Burn and Weight Control

Whilst you relax in the heat of the sauna, your body is hard at work. The intense sweat production and blood pumping rates helps burn calories. As such, in addition to losing water, you lose weight. In fact, one such sauna session burns a many calories as one would have burnt on a half-an-hour jog. Coupled with the right nutrition, it is an efficient means for weight control.

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Ease Pain and Stiffness of the Muscle and Joints

It causes a reduction in muscle and joint soreness and tenderness. Throughout continents it is used for treatment of patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis. It’s effectiveness in sprain, bursitis and neuralgia treatments has already been proven.


Boosts the Immune System

As mentioned, the heat induces an artificial fever. As the body works against the fever, one’s immune system receives a jolt. When you add this to the removal of wastes and toxins by the intense sweating, one’s overall health is increased in addition to the heightened resistance to diseases.

It enhances circulation thus directly increasing nutrient and oxygen supply to both deep and superficial tissues. The cardiovascular system’s fitness is boosted due to increased heart rate and cardiac output whilst simultaneously reducing the diastolic blood pressure.

This increase in blood circulation is known to relieve eczema, acne, lesions, and burns and in addition reduces scarring by enabling open wounds to heal more quickly.



This is undoubtedly the most immediate relief offered by the infra red saunas. Simple relaxation is attained as stresses and tensions of everyday life are melted away. The sauna has a renowned massaging effect as it soothes knotted muscles and jangled nerves.

In addition to the long and short term health benefits of the infra red sauna, every session usually leaves one restored in body and mind. The sauna provides both a quiet and reflective time for you. Depending upon its size, it also provides a social and relaxing environment for you and your colleagues. The sauna is a great arsenal for one on the path to having excellent health.

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