Health Benefits Of Ghee You Most Likely Know Nothing About

By: Dzhingarov

Ghee is something that most people never consider buying. This is a shame due to the fact that there are so many interesting health benefits associated with it. You will surely change your mind about ghee after you read all that is written below.

You need to be aware of the fact that ghee is basically butter but without problematic proteins that cannot be consumed by those with allergies. This food is rich in butyric acid and is quite great at healing gut. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, there is a pretty good chance that you will want to use ghee. Besides this, these benefits are also gained:

ghee health benefits

You Can Use It For Cooking

Ghee has a really high smoke point, which is the temperature at which oil starts to generate harmful free radicals and toxic fumes. Most cooking oils have a lower smoke point. Even butter has a smoke point of 350°F, lower than ghee’s 500°F.

Lack Of Dairy And Low Moisture Content

These characteristics of ghee are important because it means that the food has a really long shelf life. It will not turn rancid, like butter, when kept at room temperature, while retaining freshness and flavor for around 1 year when you do not refrigerate.

Digestive System Stimulation

Ghee will naturally stimulate stomach acid secretion. This aids you to digest food better. Oils and other fats will actually slow down your digestive process while sitting heavily in your stomach.

Dairy Intolerant Suitability

You get ghee produced when butter will be clarified. This means that everything except small quantities of casein and lactose are removed. The tiny casein and lactose amounts will remain but they are at such a low level that no Paleo dieter will have a problem. Those that have casein or lactose intolerance will also not be affected.

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Vitamin Rich

There are actually many vitamins in ghee, much more than you would expect. These are fat soluble vitamins that are really important to maintain a proper function of your brain, heart, bone and immune system.

CLA Natural Source

Ghee is a natural source of CLA, when it comes from grass fed cattle. Conjugated linolenic acid has been proven to fight cancer and also helps out a lot in slowing heart disease progress and aiding in your efforts to lose weight.

High Butyric Acid Source

This benefit should be obvious but we have to mention it separately. Ghee includes short chain fatty acids, including the one mentioned, which is known to fight tumors and cancers. Gut lining integrity is helped while also reducing inflammation. The acid also has interesting anti-viral properties and will help those that have gut disorders like Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis.

Ghee Increases Vitamin Absorbency

Ghee fats aid the human body to absorb minerals and fat-soluble vitamins, thus strengthening your immune system.

Buying Or Making Ghee

If you want to put your hands on some ghee, you can buy it (including from online shops because of the long shelf life) or make it. Recipes are easy to find online. Ghee is almost always available in natural food stores.