Asthma Home Treatment Remedies To Consider

By: Adrian Cruce

There are actually many home treatment remedies that can be used by those suffering from asthma. The problem is that you can never actually rely on asthma home treatment remedies. You still need to go to a doctor so that you have medication at hand in case of an attack. The following remedies will aid you but there are situations in which those suffering from asthma do need medication and home treatment is not enough.



Ginger is quite useful as a natural treatment for different ailments. This includes asthma. According to research, it will aid in reducing the inflammation of the airways while also inhibiting their contraction. Muscle relaxant effects are also enhanced when taking various asthma drugs. Various ginger recipes for asthma sufferers are available on the internet. Alternatively, eat it raw, with salt.

Mustard Oil

mustard oil

When a person has an asthma attack, mustard oil massages help clearing respiratory passages. That will aid in restoring normal breathing. You can heat some of the mustard oil and then massage it on the upper back or chest, several times daily until symptoms are lowered in intensity.



Lung congestion can be cleared to some extend by using garlic home remedies. Quick asthma symptom relief can be obtained. You can boil ten cloves in half a cup of milk and drink this daily. Alternatively, try to make garlic tea. Drink it when at room temperature.



Coffee does not deserve the bad reputation it has. Caffeine is pretty good at controlling asthma attacks because of its action as a bronchodilator. You will notice that the airways are cleared and relax thanks to hot coffee since it aids you to breath. Stronger coffee brings in better results. Never drink more than 3 cups per day. If you do not like coffee, opt for hot black tea. Never use caffeine as regular treatment.

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This is the oldest home treatment remedy for asthma known to man. The ethereal oils and alcohol naturally present in honey will reduce many asthma symptoms. Positive results can actually be gained by some through simply inhaling honey smell. One honey teaspoon can be mixed with hot water. You just drink it slowly, up to 3 times daily. Try to swallow one honey teaspoon before you go to bed.



Onions include anti-inflammatory properties. They can reduce airway constriction for those that suffer from asthma. In addition, sulfur content will help decrease lung inflammation. Try to eat raw onions in order to clear your air passage ways. That allows better breathing. Cooked onions are also good if you do not like raw onions.


raw salmon

Salmon is great because of the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids. They will help the lungs to react well to irritants, those that cause symptoms. Airway inflammation and narrowing is reduced. Besides salmon, you can also consume other fish like sardines, tuna, mackerel and cod. Salmon oil is a good option if you do not have access to raw salmon.



Those suffering from asthma naturally have low vitamin C levels. Lemons include high quantities of vitamin C so it can help in reducing symptoms. Drink a lemonade made out of half a lemon and a glass of water with some sugar.