Chinese Herbs To Heal Broken Bones

By: Adrian Cruce

First thing first! A broken bone is a really serious injury, one that can actually kill if left untreated. Make sure that you go to the emergency room and that you receive urgent care. This is vital in assessing the exact type of injury and the seriousness you have to deal with. In many situations a cast is needed in order to prevent sustaining even further injury. Only aver you went through preliminary treatment, you can think about Chinese herbs to heal broken bones.

The herbs that you will use through the ancient craft of Herbal Therapy will not be used as a cure in the real sense of the word. Their use is aimed towards reducing pain and helping your body recover faster after the injury. It is recommended to also consider acupuncture if you want alternative treatments to speed up bone healing.

Herbal Therapy Basics

chinese herbs to heal broken bones

Herbal therapy has been used for hundreds of years in order to treat bones in Chinese medicine. The therapy will involve the use of herbs that will relieve pain and will increase natural blood circulation. This is the first phase of the treatment. After that, other herbs can be used in order to support your liver, kidneys and other organs. To put it simple, proper bone health is promoted.

We have various formulas that are available in Chinese medicine shops like injury pills Jin Gu Die Shang Wan or the use of Die Da Yao Jing, both great for early pain and trauma treatment. In order to tonify the bones and kidneys, you can be prescribed a Jian Gu formula. The herb of choice is usually eucommia, one that is well known for supporting strong bones and good kidney health.

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Teasel is commonly referred to as a herbal fracture healer. It is a Chinese herb that is nowadays sold in shops under the form of pills or in pure form. You use it in order to promote blood and energy circulation, both being vital for fast traumatic injury healing. Teasel adds the extra benefit of offering nutrients that increase bone, cartilage and sinews strength while strengthen loins, joints, knees and promoting muscle growth. You use Teasel to treat broken bones, soft legs, lumbago and disconnected tendons. It is also quite common in treatment for rheumatism that is caused by a kidney deficiency.

Zheng Gu Shui

Zheng Gu Shui

This is a traditional Chinese Medicine liniment that is mainly aimed towards helping people heal broken bones while offering pain relief. You can apply it topically to the area that is affected by the injury, unless skin is broken. If we are talking about an open trauma, you have to avoid using it as it is not safe. There are some similar liniments like Tieh Ta Yao Gin and Po Sum On Medicated Oil.

The few examples we offered of Chinese herbs to heal broken bones are very good but you have to be careful and never use without knowing what to do. It is better to have a Chinese medicine specialist/doctor/therapist prescribe something that is suitable based on the exact situation you are in.