Fencing To Get In Shape

By: Dzhingarov

Sport has beneficial effects on both our bodies and soul, especially when we live in a society when we are temped to eat bad food and have a non active life as much as possible. When we practice a sport regularly, we improve our movement, coordination, endurance, speed and many others.

When we are choosing a sport, we need to take into consideration our personality and our abilities that we already have and find something that we would do with pleasure. Sometimes we need to try more sports in order to realize which one is the best for us and can bring us more benefits, and I am here to tell you about Fencing.

fencing for fitness

Fencing Advantages

Fencing develops precision, analytical skills and concentration capacity. Here you will learn to focus your energy, pay attention to the moves of your opponent and take advantage of the right moment. Respect is the main idea of this sport and you will eventually see the world with different eyes.

Leaving aside the mental skills that can be gained, fencing also helps at the growth of our organism capacity after effort, the improvement of the heart, reducing stress and increasing vitality. Fencing stops the ageing process and this can lead to a better self esteem and less psychological problems.

Before getting to practice, the athlete needs to get good stretching and stamina is also important. The user has to learn to be quick and flexible, but most of the work is on the lower body (legs). The more you train and fence, the more athletic you get.

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Young And Old Benefits

This sport has a set of effects on the practitioner, differing from one age to another. At young ages, training with the spade means getting used with this discipline and it develops self control, speed and fair play.

For teenagers and middle aged people, this sport means the understanding of psychomotor skills demanded in a sport, the development of the capacity to understand our own actions and the introspection of the entire activity, perfecting speed, requirement, competition spirit, discipline and stabilizing own features in personality and approach of this sport.

Fencing Weapons

There are three weapons that can be used: Foil, which is a light thrusting weapon that targets the torso, Épée that is just like foil, but heavier and a little bit harder to use, and there is Sabre- a light cutting and thrusting weapon. From those three weapons, sabre has the most important role in the physical development. The user will learn faster how to control himself and create a personal tactical strategy that can be used at max speed and mental commitment based on concentration and anticipation capacity.

Since most of the skills that you need in this sport can hardly be developed somewhere else, the best way to get in shape is practice it. It will help not only in this particular activity, but also in any other activity that requires the mental and physical skills described. Fencing is a martial art, after all. So this might be the best place for you to learn about self discipline.