Hair Replacement Options You Should Consider

By: Dzhingarov

Hair transplants are often the first thought that comes into mind of most men suffering from complete hair loss like pattern baldness. This hair replacement solution is a surgical method by which hair strands from a specific portion of the head are transferred to the bald region on the head. The same process that occurs in the body of human beings is also carried out in the case of hair transplant surgeries for the purpose of hair restoration in bald people. This type of procedure also known as stereoscopic surgery enables the surgeon to do the transplant very precisely and with ease. And you should consider it before buying even the best high quality toupees.

The success rate of hair transplants depends on many factors. In the case of patients suffering from severe baldness, it may be necessary to undergo multiple surgeries in order to completely get rid of bald patches. In such cases it may not be possible to use only one hair replacement options like hair transplants. So in such cases multiple hair transplant options can be tried. The following discussion briefly discusses in detail about various types of surgical hair replacement options available for bald patients.

Non surgical hair replacement options are numerous and thus have a wide appeal amongst patients. Non surgical hair replacement options include the traditional methods like hair weaves and hair replacement surgeries. It is important to know that there is no fixed ratio for the effectiveness of hair replacement techniques. Different individuals have different recovery patterns and the results also depend on individual genes.

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If you are planning to use hair replacement systems or traditional medical techniques like hair weaves then you must know about their side effects. These side effects may include scarring, infection, burning sensation, allergic reactions, inflammation, numbness and thinning of the scalp. In some cases, scalp infections may lead to permanent hair loss. Also if your physician recommends surgical techniques then you must understand that you cannot give up your hair permanently even though these procedures are expensive. These side effects of surgical hair replacement options are not something that you can afford and hence you should give top priority to safety and effectiveness.

On the other hand if you want to use nonsurgical techniques like hair systems and wigs then you must consider factors like price, appearance and convenience. Non surgical hair replacement options cost less than surgical hair systems. Wigs are also easy to wear and do not need regular maintenance. They have more variety in terms of styles, colors, and lengths and you can choose the one that really suits you.

Though costly, you can use wig make-up to achieve natural hair health look. You can learn how to apply the make-up yourself at home, avoiding the cost involved with professional beauticians. If you want to look like you have hair health then you should know how to handle yourself and your scalp. A beautiful natural hair look will only come when you take care of your scalp and do not expose it to harsh chemicals. Chemical agents are the most common cause for hair loss and damage, hence if you want to avoid this then you should be cautious about the products that you choose to buy.

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Another hair replacement option that is gaining popularity is hair transplant surgery. This method of hair replacement involves taking a graft from one healthy hair donor area (at the back of the head) and using it to cover the bald area. The results are amazing as the transplanted hair grows into the bald area and forms a thick barrier to protect the scalp from further damage. This method is less expensive than most hair replacement alternatives and does not have as many side effects as the others.

There is another surgical hair replacement method that is becoming popular now – hair transplant surgery using follicular unit extraction. This is also a safe method and does not cause side effects. The process works in a very similar way to nubia. A tiny incision is made in the scalp and the follicular units are extracted using a small tube. The scalp is then covered with a hair implantation unit that looks just like the native hair of the patient. This procedure requires fewer risks and costs than the other two surgical procedures mentioned above.