Foods You Have To Avoid Before Going To Bed

By: Adrian Cruce

There are so many ways in which we end up losing sleep these days and we tend to make things even worse through what we eat at night. In order to enjoy a really good night’s sleep, here are some foods that you really need to avoid. Make sure that you do so and you will be able to rest more.

ice cream

Ice Cream

So often we find ourselves eating ice cream late at night as we are faced with a need to eat something really tasty and refreshing. the problem is that ice cream has a lot of fat and it will not be burned if you eat it before you go to sleep. We also have a lot of sugar that offers energy and you can so easily find yourself not able to sleep because of that. To make matters even worse, a recent study showed that high-sugar foods consumed before sleep will cause nightmares.

Also, make sure that you avoid dark chocolate. It is also really bad for you before bed.



Pasta is preferred as it is really easy and fast to make, perfect for going to bed. However, it is a really bad nighttime snack. Pastas include a lot of carbohydrates and everything that you eat ends up being turned to fat while you sleep. Besides the pasta, almost all recipes include tomato sauces, oils, heavy cream or/and cheese. That will simply make your love handles a lot less lovable. It also has to be added that pasta usually has high glycemic index. This means that you have a much higher possibility to end up with blood-sugar levels that are high, making you to wake up during the night or delaying sleeping.

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This will surely be a surprise on the list of foods you have to avoid before going to bed but it is really important that you avoid it. What you may not know is that celery stands out as a natural diuretic. You will end up peeing a lot more than you would normally. The diuretics will elevate urination rate as they push water all through your system. If you eat celery before you go to bed, the body will simply wake up as it needs to go to the bathroom. It is completely true that vegetables are nutrient-rich foods but you have to avoid celery late at night.



If you want to have your stomach working out before you go to sleep, pizza is what you have to eat. Keep in mind that the stomach wants to relax and that will not be possible when you eat this late at night. We have a high acidity level in the tomato sauce. That causes acid reflux. Also, the greasy and fatty toppings, especially cheeses and high-fat meets, will stir up heartburn. You will argue that you will only take one slice but when was the last time when you actually had just one slice?



It is a good idea to avoid garlic, especially if you sleep with a partner. Garlic offers really bad breath but it is also a hot herb. This means that it will cause heartburn. Sometimes garlic will upset your stomach, especially when you go to bed.