Gout Symptoms To Look Out For

By: Dzhingarov

Gout is quite painful. The one thing that those affected will tell you is that a gout attack is really painful and it can happen in one or more joints at the same time. This condition will cause swelling and pain, which are two really common and obvious symptoms to be on the lookout for. The good news is that anti-inflammatory painkillers usually get the problem solved. However, in some circumstances, they will not help much, especially when living with the condition for a long time and not doing anything about it.

Before we talk about gout symptoms, remember the fact that when you are diagnosed with gout, you need to make sure that you make all the necessary lifestyle changes. If you are faced with many gout attacks, you will need to take allupurinol or vitamin C supplements every single day in order to prevent them in the future.

gout symptoms

Gout Symptoms

We can say that the most common symptom of this condition is the actual gout attack you will go through. the gout attack will develop really fast, usually in just a few hours. It will cause really severe pain in at least one joint. In most situations your big toe’s joint is going to be affected. That makes walking really painful and in some situations even the weight of your own clothes will make you feel pain.

You have to realize that every single joint in the human body can be affected. As the condition progresses, it is normal to end up with gout attacks that affect several joints. They will swell and the skin around them will start to look inflamed and red. In the event that you do not treat the condition, the gout attack will last even a few days. In most cases it will disappear in around 1 week but it is quite a lot of time to live in pain.

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A less severe attack will happen in the beginning and you or even doctors can believe that it is a sign of arthritis. You can go for years at times between two gout attacks and there are cases in which people only have 1 attack in their life.

How Serious Is Gout?

The gout attack is really painful. We have to put an emphasis of that. Other effects that gout may have are uncommon. You will only end up faced with joint damage in the event that recurring attacks happen. With some people we can see kidney stones developing due to kidney damage and some bumps can appear under the skin. In most cases these are painless but will be quite awkward because of where they form.

To sum up, pain and swelling stand out as the most common symptoms of gout. They can be controlled so talk to your doctor for proper medication.