Why Is Digestion Vital For Skin Care?

By: Dzhingarov

Have you ever thought that what you eat can affect your skin? Over time, there were many theories that demonstrated that an unhealthy lifestyle has strong effects on our skin.

Skin is like a mirror of who we are and how we like to live. It is known that many times when we consult a dermatologist, we are told to reduce or cut off certain food.

There are some kinds of food that can produce acne, wrinkles and other cutaneous problems, such as rashes or eczema. Therefore, if you want a healthy skin with a shining and young aspect, you need to take care of your digestive system. In order to do that, you need to make sure that your meals include a set of healthy food.

healthy foods

Fill your plate every once in a while with fresh vegetables and fruits, grains and other nutrient-rich foods. But most importantly, we need to know what kind of foods can have bad effects over our skin:

Refined carbohydrates include sweets, cakes and any other sugar-based products that have no nutritional substances. If we consume them in a big quantity, they lead to an increase of androgens hormones (male hormones) that stimulate our sebaceous glands and produce acne. Collagen is an essential component in our skin and it is strongly affected by sugar.

Salty aliments might be delicious, but they have no benefits at all. Being very rich in sodium, salty food has a strong impact on the elasticity of our skin. It is well known that salt eliminates a lot of water from our body, so its effects are not only skin related. We may realize we have more problems because of it in time. So, think twice whenever you want to relax with a big bowl of chips and watch TV. Try to replace them with some sugar free cereals or anything else you might like.

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Not all the fats are important for our body and those who come from sugar are definitely not the best choice. Skin needs oxygen in order to be healthy and product collagen. Fats decrease the amount of oxygen and that can directly affect our skin.

skin care

Except yogurt that eliminates 80% of the hormones, dairy products contain androgen as well and we already saw the bad impact of it on our skin.

Juice and caffeine (guilty) are rich in sugar and there are increased chances to produce acne and rashes. Caffeine amplifies the stress and in such moments our skin eliminates oxygen, which can lead to many skin problems.

As you can see, diet is connected to the look of our skin. This also means that whenever we have digestive problems, our skin suffers. Green Tea is one of the best and without adverse effects product that we should consume at least three times a week in order to have a healthy digestive system.

Obviously, it is nearly impossible to stop eating food considered unhealthy, but what we can do is to take care of when and how often we eat those and try to replace them with healthy foods that will certainly improve the quality of our skin.