Chinese Medicine For Acne

By: Adrian Cruce

As you know, Chinese healers have a lot of natural remedies for almost any disease or problem. Acne, a common problem among teenagers and not only, can affect our image, self esteem and our psychic. Chinese people have this medicine that can treat it for millennia and they consider that the causes are the toxins from our blood and digestive systems.

The principle in this treatment is the elimination of heat and toxins from our bodies, cleaning our blood and intestine. Any problem with our digestive system manifests on our skin. In other words, if we have an unhealthy life style, people can see it.

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Change your lifestyle

As a result, we need to be careful with the way we eat and we need to care a lot about our hygiene. We should cut the fats as much as possible and get our vitamins and nutrients from healthy food. This way, we will manage to reduce the toxins in our bodies and get rid of acne. Processed or packed foods need to be avoided as well and replaced with natural oils that are rich in Omega-3 (such as flaxseed and salmon).

Consume as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Those products are very good nutrients and they clean our bodies. Beta-carotene, A vitamin and fibers are the principal factors that will help in the process of detoxification. Try to avoid garlic, coffee and condiments, because they heat the body and produce acne. Chinese people prefer to consume aliments that “chill” the body and drink a lot of water. Water is the main source that can purify the organism, making it stronger to fight against acne.

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An Ancient Treatment

Besides our lifestyle that needs to be changed, there is a treatment that will help in a short period of time to get rid of acne. It has to prepared at home and you need to combine it with the consumption of healthy food:

  • 30g of Lonicerae (Honeysuckle)
  • 30g of Taraxaci (Dandelion)
  • 20g of Forsythiae (Fructus Forsythiae)
  • 15g of Chrisanthemi morifoli  (Chrysanthemum Flower)
  • 10g of Paeonia sujfruticosa  (Peony Root Bark)
  • 15g of Paeonia rubra (Red Peony Root Bark)
  • 15g of Spica Prunella
  • 15g of Fritillariae
  • 15g of Poria Cocos
  • 15g of Rhei
  • 10g of Auranti

– With one third of prescription, you can prepare a decoction in 1 liter and a half of water, sufficient for one week.

– One glass of 70ml twice a day before meals for 3 weeks.

– It can be repeated once or twice.

Their secret

But above all, Chinese people had a secret: Green Tea. They used to drink it every day, because it was considered a universal cure. They would rather not eat the entire day instead of not drinking it. Studies have showed that green tea helps at the cleaning of any infection and it is used more and more almost everywhere on the Globe. It contains antioxidants, fighting against ageing process as well. Who knows, maybe that’s why all Chinese people look so young? A recent study in Sweden showed that green tea is one of the most powerful and the most efficient in digestion than any other dietary supplement. All in one, this plant can work wonders and it is suggested to be consumed by everyone.

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Chinese treatment methods are great for so many problems that we can have. We need to learn for them so that we can look and feel as great as possible.