Cannabis Oil for Pets: 101

By: Dzhingarov

Just like humans, animals can suffer from a wide variety of deliberating illnesses.  If your pet is suffering, read on to find out about cannabis oil and how it could make a difference.

Easing Pain

The main reason to use cannabis oil on your pet is to ease any suffering they are experiencing. Many animals can suffer from a variety of problems ranging from nausea to pain so many owners take the decision to use cannabis oil to help relieve their symptoms. Also, older animals are prone to joint discomfort and muscle pain and with the help of cannabis oil, significant improvements in the animal’s overall wellbeing have been displayed. Cannabis oil has also been used to treat pets for seizures and cancer.

Relieving Anxiety

Just like any human, animals can become anxious and agitated for all sorts of reasons such as moving into a new home or not feeling comfortable with their owner or other animals around them. Many choose to use cannabis oil to ease their anxiety and to take away the stress they are experiencing. However, if your pet has only recently begun to experience anxiety issues, try not to reach for the cannabis oil straight away as it may only be temporary, and you do not want to have to become reliant on it.

Where to Purchase

As opposed to medical marijuana which requires you to live in specific states to legally purchase, cannabis oil is available across the United States as well as internationally. Because the oil is classed as a dietary supplement, it does not have to go through rigorous checks, meaning that the product is much safer to use. There are many ways you can purchase cannabis oil such as online websites as well as various health stores. When you receive the product (particularly when buying online), always ensure the bottle has not been tampered with and always make sure to read the label so you know how to correctly administer it. Also, be aware that the cost can vary significantly so be sure to do your research to get the best deals available.

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Read the Guidelines

The most important thing to consider when giving CBD oil to your pet is the dosage. Human beings can sustain a lot more than an animal, so it is vital you do your research into what the recommended dosage should be. Also, you can look into cannabis oil for cats and dogs to understand how it may affect the animals differently as well as finding out more on what exactly is in the oil and how to order it.

Ensuring you do thorough research into the pros and cons of cannabis oil for your pet is essential to know the size of dosage as well as if your pet will benefit from using it. It is recommended to also look on online forums of animal owners where you can read their experiences and decide on whether cannabis oil is right option for you.