How To Prevent Knee Pain

By: Adrian Cruce

Knee pain is much more common than what many believe. Whether it happens out of the blue or because of a knee injury, prevention is much better than treatment. The best thing that you can do to prevent knee pain is to basically avoid a knee injury and to make sure that your knees are prepared for physical strain. If you are involved in heavy exercising or sports that are knee demanding like skiing or basketball, stretching and warming up are necessities.

Knee Support Improvements

You need to use braces and pads, especially if you know that you have knee problems. Many are quite sceptical when referring to using these. The impact though is really high at costs that are really low. Athletes often wear leg sleeves and compressions.

Alternatively, you can use shoes that are especially created for those that have knee problems. Examples of popular brands include Crocs and New Balance.

Make sure that you never use old shoes. If they are worn out, extra stress will be put on your ankles and knees. Try to use special shoes that are created for the activity you will go through.

Knee Pain Prevention Exercises

There are countless exercises that you can do in order to prevent the appearance of knee pain. Most of them are based on stretching, making your knee’s tendons stronger and more prepared for physical activity. A couple of examples include:

  • Stand around 10 inches away from a preferred wall. Squat and lean your upper body away from the wall with the hip coming against wall. You should do this for around 20 seconds.
  • Start by laying on your right side, right on the floor. Your elbow should rest on your floor. Lift your leg around 1 foot high and repeat 20 times. Switch sides.
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Knee Pain Risk Factors

One of the best ways to avoid any type of pain is to basically understand what risk factors exist. There are various diseases, symptoms and conditions that are going to cause knee pain. Some individuals will have a higher risk when compared with others. As an example, those that often run will normally be faced with a higher possibility of ending up with knee pain. At the same time, in the event that you are overweight, the knees will be faced with stronger strain.

All individuals that practice high impact sports like football, tennis, soccer or basketball have to be prepared for the possibility of faced with knee pain. The same thing should be said about the individuals that have jobs involving often crawling or kneeling. The last thing to be seen as a risk factor is aging. This is where arthritis can step in.