Black Tea Benefits That You Need To Know About

By: Dzhingarov

There are so many people out there that criticize individuals that drink black tea. What they do not understand is the fact that you would only have problems in the event that you drink too much. That is something that is true when consuming absolutely everything.

You should seriously consider increasing your tea intake. This includes a lot of different types but we will now just talk about black tea since it is, most likely, the one that is misunderstood. Not many things are known about it. For instance, black tea is made out of the same shrub as green tea. While green tea is praised, black tea is not. That is definitely not something that you should do. The only difference between the two tea types is the different processing method used.


Black tea
By patrick george  [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Black Tea Health Benefits You Need To Know:


  1. Improve Oral Health

Black tea has been proven to reduce the formation of plaque because bacteria growth is restricted. This automatically also reduces tooth decays and cavities. The polyphenols you find in black tea will basically kill the bacteria so your oral health will be way better.

  1. Antioxidant Presence

The polyphenols that we mentioned above are basically antioxidants. They will aid you in blocking the DNA damage that appears when faced with tobacco use or interaction with various toxic chemicals. You should know that such antioxidants are not actually found in many foods that are usually included in diets so you need to consider this health tea benefit, especially if you are a smoker.

  1. Improve Heart Strength
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In 2009 a study showcased the fact that people drinking around 3 black or green tea cups daily have a lower stroke risk. The possibility goes down by 21 percent, which is definitely a lot.

  1. Improve Bone Health

The regular black tea drinkers will always have stronger bones. You have a much lower possibility of ending up with arthritis because of the different phytochemicals you will find in black tea.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Out of all black tea benefits that can be mentioned, this is the one that is really controversial. Some people will say that it is rubbish but that is definitely not the case since we already have access to enough research that showcases this property of the tea. This is because of the addition of catechins and polyphenol. Women should particularly remember this because ovarian cancer is drastically reduced by black tea consumption.

  1. Lower Diabetes Risk

It was proven that those that consume black tea on a constant basis at moderate levels (1 to 2 cups daily) have a much lower chance of ending up with type two diabetes.

  1. Improve Immune System

You should be aware of the fact that black tea includes alkylamine antigens. They will boost the response of the entire immune system. Also, you will love the addition of tannings because they help the body to naturally fight viruses. That automatically protects you from stomach flu or influenza.

  1. Relief Stress And Increase Energy

Black tea has the capability of slowing you down and keep you relaxed as stress is automatically relieved. You will be able to concentrate better and cortisol is reduced. There are other drinks out there that have high caffeine content but the lower amount that you find in black tea is more than you need to increase energy while not stimulating your heart too much. At the same time, the respiratory system and the metabolism will be stimulated together with the kidneys and the heart.

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