5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Less Sugar

By: Adrian Cruce

You Have To Eat Less Sugar

Nowadays, you can find added sugar in most products that you buy. Most people do not even know this is the case but all you have to do is read the labels and you will be surprised.

Too many rely on processed, fast foods for snacks and meals. Such products do often have added sugar so most actually consume way more than they should. Unfortunately, people do not really know why too much sugar is bad for them.

They argue over things like what sugar is better, brown or white. In reality, every type of sugar can be bad if it is too much. Here are some important reasons why.

Weight Gain

Obesity rates are higher and higher all around the world, with a huge culprit being sugar-sweetened beverages, like sweet teas, juices and sodas. These usually include fructose, which is a simple sugar type. If you consume too much fructose your hunger is increased and you simply want to eat more than your body actually needs.

Sugary beverages will make it really simple to take in way too many calories so you wend up with weight gain.

Heart Disease Risks

When your diet is really high in sugar, there are many diseases that you have a higher risk for, like heart disease. High-sugar diets lead to inflammation, obesity, high blood pressure level and high blood sugar level. All of these are heart disease risk factors.

In addition, if you consume too much, especially when sugar comes from drinks with extra sugar added, you are at higher risk of being affected by atherosclerosis. This is a disease that is characterized by artery-clogging fat deposits.

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When your diet includes too many refined carbs, like with sugary drinks and foods, there is a higher possibility that you will have to deal with acne. The foods that have a really high glycemic index will raise blood sugar fast. Insulin and blood sugar levels spike so more androgen is secreted. Inflammation and increased oil production can also appear. All of these lead to the development of acne.

When you look at people living in rural areas and that consume non-processed, traditional foods, it is hard to find people with acne. In high-income, urban areas, acne rate is higher than ever.


This is a risk that should be obvious but what you might not know is that worldwide diabetes prevalence doubled in just the past thirty years. This is due to many different reasons but there is an identified link between diabetes risk and excessive sugar consumption. One of the strongest diabetes risk factors is obesity, which is often due to eating too much sugar.


When you eat too much sugar your body will be at higher risk for some cancers. Insulin resistance can appear and obesity is well-known as a risk factor for cancer. Added sugar can lead to esophageal cancer, small intestine cancer and pleural cancer, according to a study conducted on over 400,000 people. In another study we learned that endometrial cancer risk is 42% higher in women that eat cookies and sweet buns at least 3 times weekly. We do not have a clear link between cancer and added sugar but risk is surely higher.

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