Tips To Help You Do Better Pull-Ups

By: Dzhingarov

Pull-ups seem simple but most people make huge mistakes when performing this exercise. Obviously, you are aware of how effective the pull-up is and you want to improve but the big problem usually appears from the fact that you do not learn how to do it properly from the first try. When you are used to performing it faulty, problems appear. With this in mind, here is what you need to know about performing proper pull-ups and improving your results.

The Grip Is Really Important

In most cases the mistake is using an improper grip. Beginners should start by using underhand grips or neutral grips (parallel). That would recruit an increased number of muscles, allowing you to finish the pattern in an easier manner.

Do not use a grip that is too close or too wide. The optimal width for the majority of people is one with focus on right a little outside shoulder width. At the same time, do make sure that your grip is strong. One that is weak is not great.

Doing More Pull-Ups

The common approach is to do pull-ups once per week. This is usually not enough. You do not get injured or overtrained when you increase the number of training sessions in which you incorporate pull-ups. The joints do remain healthy even if you do this often. Variation is what helps you. You can easily vary volume, intensity, load and grip. As time passes, progress appears.

Do Not Overdo It

Most people will force themselves to do that one extra rep, just as they are used with other exercises. That is not actually necessary or a good idea. You should consider stopping before that one extra pull-up that you may be able to finish. Practice and skill are important for strength. Do not focus on the reps that you cannot do perfectly. Focus on those that are perfectly executed.

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The Full Range Of Motion

The pull-up is complex and has a challenging movement range. The pattern is the most important part of the exercise. Creating a really strong foundation is highly important. You have to start with your arms being fully extended and your shoulders packed. The chin has to go right over the bar. Extend your arms completely before the next pull-up begins. Creating a really strong pattern allows you to build a much stronger movement.

Proper Assistance

Most people will have some problems in doing pull-ups. That is completely normal. Assistance is usually necessary but you should not use machines like Gravitron. The best assistance that you can use is offered by a partner or through the employment of bands. Bands are not at all expensive. Also, there are many gyms that actually offer them for free. The partner assistance is also great but you have to be a little careful since he/she needs to know how to help you.

Pull-ups are definitely great but we cannot emphasize the importance of perfect form as much as is truly needed. Focus on that instead of cheating. You do not gain anything by cheating the exercise form and you can actually increase the possibility of getting injured when you do that.