The 3 Best Yoga Positions For Relaxation

By: Adrian Cruce

Relaxation is a huge part of yoga so it should come as no surprise to see that various poses aim to relax the mind and the body. We can choose various different yoga poses to recommend. However, some are much more common than others. If you are looking for something truly relaxing to incorporate in your workouts or in your yoga routine, these are guaranteed poses.

Child Pose – Balasana

Balasana is one of the most relaxing of all the yoga poses, helping you to calm the mind while also rejuvenating the entire body, helping you to gain energy. It helps a lot to deal with low back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness and even hip strain. The Child Pose’s restorative and healing power will give you emotional relief.

Start by sitting on your yoga mat as you are kneeling while the knees are brought together. The buttocks are rested on the feet. Slowly start to lower the torso over thighs as you exhale in order to have the forehead touch the mat while the hand rests on the floor. This position should be held for half a minute to one minute, with regular breathing. Then, go back to starting position. Such a routine means you did 1 repetition. Aim for 3 and you will feel a lot more relaxed.

Corpse Pose – Savasana

Savasana, the pose we all know as Corpse Pose, is usually the very last pose you do in most yoga routines. This is because of how relaxing it is. Without a corpse pose the session is basically not complete. It is going to lead towards deep relaxation as it promotes a lower blood pressure, the nervous system is calmed and sleep is promoted.

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On the yoga mat you want to lie down with a pillow or cushion as support, if you need it. Feet should be kept slightly apart as the toes and knees are relaxed. Arms need to be on body sides as the palms are kept open, facing up. Breathe slowly as eyes are closed and focus on relaxing your mind. Try to stay in the Corpse Porse for around ten minutes as the session ends.

Cat Pose – Marjaryasana

Marjaryasana will offer stress relief as the spine is stretched and your muscles are toned. Overall health is going to be improved as digestive problems are relieved. The cat pose is incredibly popular for those looking for PMS release.

You want to be on all 4 with the wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Exhale and pull the spine inward. You form a curve that points towards up. Bend the head down and be sure that the chin does not teach your breast. You will want to hold this pose for thirty seconds and then move back to the position you started in. Combine the cat pose with the cow pose for the best possible results.

What Is Your Preferred Yoga Pose For Relaxation?

Different people have different preferences so it is possible that some of the poses above are not going to offer the best possible relaxation in your case. You may enjoy others more. Let us know what yoga poses you love when you want to feel relaxed. It is possible that others are going to want to try them too. Just comment your preferred yoga pose for relaxation below.

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