Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplements – Which Are the Best?

By: Adrian Cruce

Thermogenic weight loss supplements are utilized by those that exercise or diet and want to burn fat faster so that leaner muscle mass appears. They are generally referred to as thermogenics and they work by increasing body heat and raising metabolism so that more fat is burned as you perform day to day activities.

There are so many different thermogenic weight loss supplements available on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are very good and some do cause very serious side effects, especially when a person has some underlying medical condition that is not taken into account. Since it is possible to end up with huge problems, just consider the thermogenics that are safe while thoroughly respecting instructions.

Below you can see the top thermogenic weight loss supplements on the market right now.

Kor Nutrition Thermakor

This supplements includes a highly advanced formula that can accelerate metabolism through the use of increased thermogenesis. There are also extra ingredients that will increase mental focus, offer energy and even suppress appetite. When it comes to fat burning, all the bases are covered.

What is important is that ingredients are natural and the formula is offering fast absorption. Kor Nutrition is relatively new on the market, based in the state of Michigan, but is gaining popularity at a really fast pace. One serving of Kor Nutrition Thermakor includes green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, razberi-k, caffeine anhydrous, sailicin, synephrine, hordenine and more. One month money back guarantee offered if you are not happy with results.

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Instant Knockout

For a long time Instant Knockout was seen as the best weight loss and thermogenic supplement available. Various reports appear online about how good it works. It was initially created for the martial arts fighters that had to lose weight really fast before a fight so you can definitely expect a very strong effect, all with natural ingredients.

In product servings you are going to find green tea extract, cayenne pepper, green coffee beans, glucomannan, V vitamins, caffeine anhydrous, zinc, piperine, chromium and others that can be pretty effective when use properly. The money back guarantee you receive is an impressive 3 months. This is how confident the manufacturer, Roar Ambition, is.

Cellucor Super HD

Another really strong thermogenic weight loss supplement, Cellucor Super HD is affordable, effective and convenient for those that want to boost their metabolism, workout in a stronger way, get energy and get sharper focus. Cellucor is a supplement manufacturer that appeared in 2002 and kept gaining reputation along the years.

A serving of Super HD includes a proprietary Thermo Sculping blend with green tea, dandelion root extract and blue whiting. Also, there is a Sensory Impact blend included with yohimbe, rhodiola root extract, cayenne, tyrosine and others. Cellucor Super HD works very well with just 2 capsules daily as opposed to the regular 3 to 6 that most of the competition requires.


All three thermogenics have been proven to be very effective and can be used. However, what is very important is to always be sure that you use them in a responsible way. You can get too much help with such supplements and health problems can appear. Never overdo it!

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