Yoga Health Benefits You Might Not Know Nothing About

By: Adrian Cruce

Yoga is truly great. It helps you to reduce stress and increase flexibility. Every single person that read something about yoga already knows this. The problem is that this is where the list of yoga health benefits stop in the mind of most people. The truth is that we have so many benefits that can be mentioned. Let us talk about just some of them so that you can see why so many people turn towards yoga right now.

By Jessmcintyre (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Yoga Boosts Immunity

The simple fact that yoga increases your overall health automatically means that your immune system will receive a boost. That is because you start to breath better, circulate better and move better. All this creates a chain reaction that will make your organs function better. As a result, your body will be more prepared to deal with problems when they appear.

Migraines Are Eased

People that offer suffer from migraine should seriously consider yoga. One of the yoga health benefits is perfect for them. After around 3 months of practice, the migraines will no longer be so strong. We do not actually know exactly why this happens since constant migraines are still not properly understood by doctors. However, those that did start practicing yoga do end up with fewer migraines. This has been documented through different studies till now.

Sexual Performance Is Boosted

After 12 weeks of yoga practice you will end up with improvements in arousal, sexual desire, confidence, satisfaction, orgasm and performance. This is true for both women and men and it is possible because of one of the really well known yoga health benefits: blood flow increase. The blood flow also increases in your genital area. This is vital for erections and arousal. From a mental point of view, the advantages are gained thanks to the mind control and breathing necessary when practicing yoga.

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You Will Sleep Better

Harvard researchers highlighted the fact that people practicing yoga for 8 weeks end up with an improved sleep quality. That is particularly important for those suffering from insomnia. In addition, we know that by simply going through 2 weekly sessions, cancer survivors end up with less fatigue and better sleep.

Such a fact is possible because of the fact that yoga helps you to better deal with stressful situations. Most of the sleep issues are basically anxieties. You just keep thinking about different things and relaxation is not possible. Yoga mental and breathing exercises make you control your thought process and this helps you to sleep better.

It Is Easier To Resist Food Cravings

When you regularly practice yoga, you will be more careful to what you eat because there is an increased awareness of the emotional and physical sensations of eating. Breath awareness becomes common and the connection between your body and your mind becomes stronger. The breathing exercises can aid you in making much better choices when referring to what you will eat.

If you never tried yoga till now, it is a great time to start. It is easy to find classes and you will surely appreciate all the health benefits associated, not just those mentioned above.