What Are The Benefits Of A Good Posture?

By: Adrian Cruce

There are huge benefits of a good posture and it is a shame to see that most people have no idea about them. Fortunately, many started to realize how important good posture is in one’s life. You want to be careful about how you sit and walk, with proper posture being necessary in everything from sitting and sleeping to working out.

What Is Good Posture?

Good posture basically means having a neutral spine. Muscles around the spine will be balanced and will equally support the entire body.

As an example, as you sit, feet have to flatly rest on the floor. Even weight is put on both of your hips. The back is mostly straight. Natural curves appear in cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas. Shoulders have to be put back but they need to be relaxed, all while ears line up over the collarbones.

As you stand, legs need slight knee bending so that knee joints do not lock while you do not hyperextend.

The Benefits Of A Good Posture

Make sure that you learn exactly what posture is optimum in all situations. This can give you access to numerous benefits, including the following ones you most likely want to know about.

  • Reduced Low Back Pain

If you stand or sit in a bad position for a long time, stress will affect your lower back. Pressure is put on the spine’s posterior structures. This includes facet points, muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs.

Strengthen the lower back area with bridges. These engage abdominal and gluteal muscles while strengthening them. The body basically ends up relying on these muscles instead of putting a lot of stress on the lower back.

  • Fewer Or Reduced Headaches

Tension headaches can become worse due to poor posture as increased muscle tension appears in the neck back area. In many cases, if posture is corrected, muscle tension is reduced so headaches are improved.

Stretch neck muscles with the use of head retraction exercises. These can strengthen neck muscles when they are stretched out or weak.

  • Higher Energy Levels

If you have joints and bones in correct alignment, muscles can be used exactly as they should be used. This automatically increases energy and lowers fatigue. Basically, because of the fact that muscles do not have to work hard, you do not lose as much energy. You simply end up with higher energy levels.

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Try to twist the torso in order to activate side abs. Obliques have to be strengthen in order to have them properly activated as you are standing or sitting.

  • Lower Tension In Your Neck And Shoulders

Forward heat postures put strain on your shoulder, neck and upper back areas. As proper alignment exists, ligaments and joints are not stressed as much and chronic overuse does not appear.

Stretch out the neck so that tension is corrected and pressure is relieved.

  • Higher Lung Capacity

When slouching, the lungs are compressed. As you stand and you sit taller, lungs have extra space that can be used for expansion. Basically, your breathing is going to be improved.

  • Improved Digestion And Circulation

Circulation becomes poor as vital organs are compressed. The organs will not work well. In order to have a healthy blood flow, you need proper alignment and you need to avoid positions that will cramp circulation.

Using the thoracic foam roll can help you to improve both circulation and digestion. Stay on your back and put the foam roller underneath you at the rib cage bottom area. Support the neck with the use of arms. Slowly extend the spine over the foam roller. You want to hold for five seconds and then take a really deep breath. Move slowly, around one or two inches every single time. The exercise can be performed daily.

  • Improved Scapular And Core Strength

In order to maintain proper posture, you need to put in some muscular effort. Holding good posture makes the upper back and core muscles engaged and active. Practice overhead arm raises to engage your back muscles.

  • Improve Form During Workouts

The posture we have do not just affect us as we stand and sit. It also affects our exercise routine. As an example, if the core is engaged and your spine is neutral during the squat, injury is going to be prevented. The yoga tree pose helps you do just that but it is really important that you always maintain the best possible form as you work out.

  • Good Posture Makes You Appear Taller

This is often seen as just being icing on the cake but having good posture will make you look more attractive. Good posture makes you look slimmer and taller. Even the abdominal muscles can appear more defined.

A great exercise that you can do is flexing with a forearm plank. Make sure you hold the plank position for around 30 seconds. Stop sooner when the form declines.

  • Increased Self-Confidence
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Good posture will boost energy levels and will reduce pain. This can also increase self-esteem. Actually, scientists proved that good posture offers increased confidence in one’s thoughts.

Some Posture Tips To Remember

When it comes to good posture, there are many different tips that can help you out. Make sure you read as much as you can about this topic. We have some posture tips to get you started:

  • Before the presentation, job interview or meeting, shoulders have to be relaxed and the spine should be in proper alignment. Make sure your ears rest over the shoulders.
  • Try to frequently move around. The official recommendation is that you move every 30 minutes. You cannot sit in the perfect posture every moment of the day. This requires much strength. As the muscles are tiring or you find yourself slouching, simply get up and then move around.
  • Remember that awareness is really important for good posture. It is really easy to compress into a poor posture. Always check in with the body and do what you can to remind yourself to always have proper alignment.
  • If you want to have high energy levels, do not forget about relaxation. Postural muscles need a break from time to time since they are muscles after all and can be overworked.
  • Calendar reminders through an app like Google Calendar can help you to remember that you have to check posture from time to time.
  • As you sit, rock the pelvis back and forth. This determines your motion range. The perfect spinal posture is right in the middle.
  • When standing, keep shoulders back and in proper alignment. Abdominals should be engaged and a small knee bend will help you to avoid knee joint problems.
  • Stand in front of the mirror with the normal posture. You want to look at your body from as many angles as possible. Straighten posture and see the difference that appears.

Final Thoughts

Do not underestimate how important posture is for your body. You need to be first aware of whether or not your posture is a problem and then you need to take active steps to improve posture. You will quickly notice improvements in how you feel.