Things to do This Fall – Even if We’re Under Lockdown

By: Adrian Cruce

As we approach the possibility of another lockdown, there may be some worry on what we will be able to do this fall. There are so many ways to enjoy the orange leaves and colder weather without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

Things to do Inside:

To keep warm, as well as safe, there are many things you can do at home this fall that will make the days way more enjoyable than just doing nothing. This time of year is perfect for baking, especially something pumpkin flavored or spiced. Baking spiced apple cakes, or even winter berry crumbles, is super easy and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

Baking is a perfect thing to do on your own to relax or as a family to bond, and more importantly, there are nice treats to eat at the end!

Another thing to do inside that is cozy is to have a movie marathon. There are so many Halloween themed films that are so cozy and perfect for a rainy day when you are stuck inside.

A more active and creative thing to do at home is scrapbooking. Printing off photos is so easy and can be done online and delivered to your house within a week. And keeping tickets, ribbons and other sentimental things can be lovely to keep in a scrapbook. It is a nice project that can keep you busy for ages and it is a wonderful thing to have at the end.

Things to do Outside:

Sometimes staying inside just doesn’t cut it for staying entertained and it can be easy to forget what there is to do outside. The obvious choice for being outside in fall is to go on a walk amongst the fall trees and leaves, but this can be repetitive after a few walks, especially if you are cold.

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To stay warm, whilst still enjoying your surroundings, the best thing to do is exercise (but fun exercise of course) like a bike ride or even roller skating. Bike rides can be so much fun with family, especially when done in an area where you can appreciate the beautiful colors at this time of year. Roller skating is something that all ages can enjoy, and as long as you wrap up warm, it is a perfect way of having fun outside during a period of lockdown. To make it even more exciting, you can personalize your skates by purchasing different colored laces or ​roller skate wheels​.

Another fun thing you can do outside is a family photoshoot. Get dressed up into your coziest jumper and some welly boots and spend some time in the forest with your family taking pictures between the trees or in piles of leaves. Once you are finished, you will have a wonderful day of memories as well as some beautiful fall pictures of you and your family that you can print off and add to your scrapbook or frame.

There are so many things that you can do both in and outside this fall that will keep you and your family entertained as well as safe during a time of fear and worry. It is really important to keep yourself busy and happy throughout this time, so finding fun things to do alone or with the people you love is essential.