The Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

By: Adrian Cruce

What are the most common cosmetic dental procedures?

Going to the dentist is something that is intimidating for most people. Anxiety usually appears and there is also a clear lack of knowledge about the available options. With this in mind, here are the most common cosmetic dental procedures that are done in the world today.

Repairs And Fillings


Most people end up having to go to the dentist at least 2-3 times in their lives because of needing fillings and repairs. Various methods can be used in order to see if a tooth decay is present and tooth trauma that is caused by broken or cracked teeth, tooth grinding or using teeth to open soda bottles are quite common.

Root Canals – Endodontics

Root Canals

This is the procedure that removes the pulp of the tooth. The space that remains is shaped, cleaned and then filled. All dead or diseased pulp is removed. You should know that the pulp contains arteries, lymph tissue, veins and nerves. As decay advances towards pulp, the tooth can so easily end up infected. The root canal treatment offered by professional cosmetic dentists will be over really fast and will guarantee that no infection will appear in the future. However, preventing root canals is important.

Caps – Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

The dental restorations that will protect broken, cracked or damaged teeth are known as crowns. They will sit over the entire tooth part that will lie above the gum. In most cases they are made out of porcelain but it is also possible to see metal or a combination of the 2 materials.

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Implants And Bridges


These are basically 2 types of replacing missing teeth. The bridge is also referred to as fixed removable denture. It is created in order to replace 1 or even more teeth. Different dental bridge types are available. The one that stands out as being the most common is the fixed one. It includes a false tooth that has crowns added to the sides. Bridge is utilized to fill in the gap that remains when one tooth is missing. You can support the bridges through implants or natural teeth.

The dental implant is a frame or a metal post that is surgically positioned inside the jawbone, right under the gums. They act as an anchor that is used for replacement teeth. An entire tooth will be replicated. This includes roots and crowns. In most situations the healthy teeth are not removed and are used in order to support the new teeth.



We all know what extractions are in cosmetic dentistry. These procedures are really common and there are many reasons why permanent teeth are extracted. In most cases this happens because the tooth is too damaged by decay. Dentists can use various methods in order to fix a tooth but when this is not possible, an extraction is used and an implant will then be added.

A special situation appears with wisdom teeth. These are extracted after or before they come in but the procedure is definitely more difficult than with a regular tooth. While it is not a problem to go for the services of any dentist with regular extractions, if the wisdom tooth is to be extracted, you need to consider a dentist that has experience. That is especially true since fraud is present at the moment.

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