Best Testosterone Boosting Foods For Men

By: Dzhingarov

Every single man in the world needs to understand how important testosterone is for them. Unfortunately, most of those that truly understand are athletes or men that lost their sex drive. Testosterone is really important for any professional or novice athlete but it is also necessary for men of all ages in various situations.

The good news is that there are various ways in which people can deal with testosterone discrepancies.  Supplements are also an option. You can so easily get prescription here when you have a problem and doctors are willing to help when big problems appear. However, in most situations all that you need is to make some modifications to your diet. You do not have to eliminate your favorite prosecco spritz or sweets. You just need to increase the intake of testosterone boosting foods. This does include what will be presented below but many other options exist. Make sure that you learn more about diet changes needed to boost testosterone from a trained nutritionist.


Every single person in the world needs to eat eggs. If you cannot eat the entire egg, at least consume yolks. Some will say that there is too much fat content but when you just consume yolk, you have a lot of nutrients that are wonderful. Vitamin D3 is present in a higher quantity in egg yolks. This is a testosterone boosting micronutrient. This was proven by a work that was published in Hormone & Metabolic Research. Vitamin D3 supplementation increases over one year did increase natural body testosterone production.

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Cauliflower, Cabbage And Broccoli

We can say that all cruciferous vegetables are great as they are anti-estrogenic, releasing indole-3 carbinole. This is a compound that will be converted to DIM, which will eventually transform estrogen into a safer form for the male body. To put it as simple as possible, eating these foods basically allows you to keep estrogen into control. You allow testosterone to easily bind to the androgen receptors and even helps to have better muscle building results.


An oyster of 8 ounces actually includes 18 grams. This is really important and helps you to up testosterone levels in a natural way. In addition, you have high zinc content. Zinc is a mineral that is testosterone boosting. We normally get around 10 mg of zinc daily from what we eat. Unfortunately, the body will only be able to absorb around 2 to 3 mg. It is really easy to end up faced with a deficiency because of this. Increasing intake of oysters helps with this.


We normally see garlic as something we add to our food in order to have some extra flavor. What few know is that this food also increases testosterone levels. This is due to the presence of diallyl-disulfide. It will promote one hormone that will trigger the production of testosterone. The presence of this substance is specifically useful for those that have high protein diets. That is definitely something that has to be understood since protein intake is always going to be connected to testosterone levels.