Surprising Common Natural Remedies That Should Not Be Used During Pregnancy

By: Adrian Cruce

Pregnancy is a very beautiful and challenging experience for women worldwide. It is challenging because you must pay careful attention to absolutely everything you might consider using a treatment. Even the remedies that are considered 100% safe for you to usually take can be highly not recommended during pregnancy. This is why you should make your research and only use treatments that you are certain that will not affect your and your baby in any way.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Many people prefer using such treatments because they are said to bring less to zero side effects which is great if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But are all these natural treatments also recommended for safe use during pregnancy? Not all of them. Discover below some of the surprising common natural remedies that should not be used during pregnancy.


Camomile is not recommended to be used during pregnancy because it may cause allergic reactions or various sorts of irritations when used as a natural cream on the skin. When you are pregnant, your skin is more prone to suffering from such reactions being much more sensitive so you cannot continue using the same treatments as before. Excessive use of chamomile can also over-stimulate the nervous system and even make you suffer from insomnia which is definitely not good for you and your baby.


As far as Echinacea is concerned, specialists say that it can be used in very small doses but not for more than 7 days. When used in large dozes for more than the recommended period of time, for pregnancy it can cause abdominal pain, nausea, allergic reactions, insomnia, dizziness and even disorientation.

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This natural remedy can be used for short periods of time as a diluted essential oil to battle against dry sinuses through steam inhalation. Never use undiluted oil on your skin because it can cause irritation, Also, it is highly not recommended to swallow the oil because it can have side effects in terms of stomach activity.


This is another natural remedy that is not recommended during pregnancy. It can cause nausea, allergic reactions, heartburn or vomiting sensations. It can also cause skin irritation because your skin is much more sensitive during the pregnancy stages so you should not use it on your skin as an essential oil.


This is highly not recommended as a remedy during pregnancy because it can bring a wide variety of side effects from contractions to premature labor or even miscarriage.

Cotton Root

This is also not good for you to take when being pregnant because it has proven stimulating effects on the womb which is not good for the baby.

Some of the above mentioned common natural remedies can be used in very small dozes when recommended by the doctor by only if it is absolutely necessary. The side effects they can have differ according to each pregnant woman and her health status. It is better to avoid using them and replace them with natural remedies that come with no side effects while being pregnant.