What Are The Vitamins You Need During Summer?

By: Adrian Cruce

Contrary to what you may think, heat causes more deaths around the world than twisters or floods. It is very important that we know how to deal with hot summer days and the truth is that nutrition plays a huge role in that. There are some vitamins that are far more important than what we might think and that is what we will talk about.

Before we start on the vitamins, make sure that your diet is nutritious and well-balanced. You need to consume vegetables and fruits and in the event that you do not get all the necessary quantities of important nutrients, always complement with good supplements.

vitamin c rich foods

Vitamins C And E

We know ever since the thirties that vitamin C is really important for our body. It will reduce the possibility of ending up with heat-related illnesses and can even help you treat heat rashes that appeared. You have to make sure that you consume vitamin C daily. This will help you during those really hot summer days and will also bring in many other extra benefits that you will appreciate. Your immune system will be stronger and you will recover faster from practically anything.

Vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties. It will aid in protecting the skin from the damage caused by UV rays. That is why it is included in topical creams that are meant for summer use. It helps before sun exposure and after you spent a lot of time in the sun. In a similar way to vitamin C, vitamin E will reduce seasonal allergies and has to be included in your diet. You do not need much.

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foods high in vitamin d

Vitamins D And A

You most likely already know that vitamin D is great during the summer months as it is very good for our skin. It will help in increasing its thickness. This automatically means fewer wrinkles but it also means extra protection against the sun. People that are not exposed to the sun much will usually develop vitamin D deficiency. Particular attention needs to be placed on vitamin D3 as it can prevent cells from growing and dividing uncontrollably.

Vitamin A (more commonly known in the health industry as retinol) will protect the body from melanomas. According to various research, skin cancer prevention is helped by daily vitamin A supplementation because the nutrient helps the body to repair skin that is damaged by the sun. That is why it is usually combined with vitamin D, which is directly dependent on sun exposure.



Obviously, this is not a vitamin but we cannot speak about summer vitamins and summer nutrition in general without mentioning the fact that adequate water intake is crucial in helping your body fight sun rays. You need to stay away from dehydration and the best possible way to do that is to monitor your water intake.

You should also try to do some exercise. While working out during hot summer days is not something that many consider, the fact that you work out helps strengthen your body. This count a lot at the end of the day.