Protein Shakes or Protein Bars – Which Are The Most Efficient Way To Strengthen Your Muscles

By: Adrian Cruce

Protein bars and shakes provide the necessary amino-acids after a workout. They can also serve as a meal or snack for those who need to be aware of all the calories they consume in order to lose weight. Older people who love to work out need protein shakes or protein bars to maintain their muscle mass.

Bodybuilders and those who want to grow their muscle mass drink protein shakes or eat protein bars because the amino-acids contained by them help strengthening their muscles and they help in the muscle repair process.

According to a study published by the “British journal of Nutrition”, people who consume protein in liquid form register higher levels of amino acids than those who consume protein in solid form. So, based on this study, protein shakes are better than protein bars. However, both of them are good for worked muscles and they can offer different benefits. Both protein bars and protein shakes are great to strengthen muscles and they are great aids for those who want to lose weight. Combined with a healthy diet they can offer many benefits to someone’s body.

Protein Shakes – Pros and Cons

Those who want to see higher levels of amino acids in their bloodstreams faster should definitely choose a protein shake over a protein bar. There are various options when it comes to protein shakes. From canned shakes that can be bought from fitness centers to protein powder that can be easily transformed into a shake, protein shakes are great meal alternatives for those who don’t mind to have a liquid meal instead of a solid meal.

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Even though protein shakes can replace some meals, they shouldn’t be the only source of nutrients throughout the day. They can help rebuild muscles but they do not offer enough vitamins and minerals that are found in normal food. Moderation is key in this case and protein shakes should always be consumed as part of a balanced diet not as a replacement of it.

Protein Bars – Pros and Cons

When it comes to protein bars everybody should read the labels carefully to be sure the ingredients match their bodies’ needs. Protein bars can help to strengthen muscles and they can also be a great weight loss aid. They can replace meals as protein shakes do and they are better for those who prefer solid meals. Besides proteins, most bars contain a large quantity of carbs so people should pay attention not to compromise their diet, especially if they need a low carb diet to be in shape. Protein bars usually contain various sugars so they are not a good option for diabetics or people who want to minimize their sugar intake. For people who don’t have to worry about sugar, protein bars are like any other candy bar when it comes to the sweet taste but better since they offer a major protein boost. Another great thing about protein bars is that most of them contain vitamins so they make a great snack or.