Pole Dancing As an Alternative Fitness Method

By: Adrian Cruce

The moment the term ‘pole dancing’ strikes our ears, the first thing that comes to our mind is a shady club, affiliated with other adult entertainment spots. People have been missing out on this amazing thing, thinking of it as a shameful act; however, this should not happen anymore due to various reasons.

pole dancing 2

A number of people have transformed such thinking about this activity into a much more positive insight. Nowadays, dance poles are being installed in houses with the main purpose of practicing this activity whenever one may want and improving their physical health at the same time. Is that hard to believe? Well, it won’t be once you have read the whole article.

International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)

According to IPDFA, the pole dancing of the modern day has transformed into a form of healthy exercise in the US. Not only is it being practiced by the teenagers but by professionals and gym experts as well and of course by recognized pole athletes. Each move of this genre of dancing includes the flexing of muscles, training the body internally. The high end of the pole dancing exercises includes the isometric muscle and the isometric muscular contractions, providing the whole body with a complete workout.

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More about the Benefits of Pole Dancing

Moreover, it has proved to be a great way of burning calories as well. In some cases, even more calories are burnt than by running! By the sound of it, it may seem easy but actually, a lot of force has to be applied to lift the body and transfer the whole of its weight to the pole. In this way, pole dancing is also a great way in which you can reduce weight as well! The details of weight loss with this activity will be discussed in detail in the later part of the prose.

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How to Practice It

For those who have not yet come out of the surprise of this activity being a health wonder, it is vital to remind them that this activity, being taken only for fitness purposes, is practiced in a completely sober environment with safety mats under the pole which is the opposite of the image you might have created in your mind.

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Professional Training

Some people choose to hire trainers in order to get the most professional care while some choose to go for a freestyle with the pole. Both ways work fine but a professional support is always good to have. Watching tutorials or finding tips on the Internet so as to know the adequate time you should put in everyday will help you get the best outcome. Furthermore, overdoing it may cause problems as well.

Losing Weight with Pole Dancing

Weight can be lost significantly if pole dancing is combined adequately with other similar purpose exercises. Recent research shows that one proper period of pole dancing has the tendency to burn away 250 or more calories from the body which is almost equivalent to what a good gym session burns. It has actually cheered a lot of slightly over-weight ladies giving them a chance to out on their workout outfits while they sweat to get their goal achieved.

Pole dancing is a fun activity with all its challenges. Even if you don’t really want to lose weight, this exercise can surely get you into a better shape. Try it yourself and let us know what you think!

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