Are Pilates Exercises For The Elderly A Good Idea?

By: Adrian Cruce

We live in a world where physical fitness has been reduced considerably due to the fact that more and more spend time at the computer on a daily basis. Of course, there are the runners and the swimmers and all the people that want to take care of their body and have a balanced life, but those numbers are considerably low in comparison with the ones that are counting the ones that consider physical wellness less of a priority.

Why Does Physical Fitness Help The Body?

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When it comes to the seniors, the same effect applies. There are some that are sedentary and consider exercises as something that they shouldn’t be doing. The reality is that something as simple as a series of exercises, such as Pilates, can easily loosen up the joints, energize the muscles and offer an increased doze of energy and rejuvenation.

Seniors should seriously consider the positive effects that exercises will have on their bodies. Additionally, the exercises offer the possibility to improve the balance skills and walking abilities so that canes will no longer be an issue. There is the common misconception that pills are the best solution when it comes to an elderly person and his problems, but the reality is that a balanced life and a great deal of exercises can be exactly what they need to have a life filled with much more energy and motivation.

What Type Of Exercises Are Most Recommended?

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There is a wide variety of Pilates exercises that are efficient for most people, but as age is an important factor here, so here are six of the most appropriate exercises for an elder. The reason why these exercises work for the elderly is due to the fact that they are performed by maintaining a neutral spine extension. The exercises are Side Kick, Swan, Swimming, Leg-Pull Front, Leg Circles. Of course, these exercises should be done under the supervision of a qualified instructor, in order for him to overview the performance of the seniors and manage their exercises. Here are some suggestions when it comes to the types of exercises that an elder person should work on.

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Types Of Pilates Exercises

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For the ones that are de-conditioned, the Pilates breathing technique will work extremely well to keep the pelvis and spine in perfect alignment together. Quadruped, supine, seated and standing orientations are recommended in order to offer a boost of energy for the daily routines.

When it comes to the ones that suffer from osteopenia, spine extension orientations are the most recommended due to the vast benefits that it has on the disease. Although, the rotation and the side bending of the spine should be avoided in order to reduce the risk to fracture it.

Lastly, for the ones that have had joint replacements (both hip or knee), there is a very strict protocol when it comes to the types of exercises that they are allowed to do. The ones that have experienced hip replacements should avoid hip flexion, internal rotation and adduction. The Pilates program that works best in this situation is the lumbar-pelvic stability and strengthening the hip abductors for improvement of gait and standing balance.

When it comes to the ones that have replaced their knee, they should know that knee flexion is allowed at a maximum of 110 degrees. The Pilates exercises that have worked in this particular situation are the lumbar-pelvic stability with accurate lower extremity mechanics in order to facilitate symmetrical gait and improved standing balance.