Pilates And Yoga Benefits For Teenagers

By: Adrian Cruce

Did you know yoga and pilates can be really good for teenagers?

Both yoga and pilates are seen as practices that are aimed towards an older practitioner. We cannot deny the fact that we are faced with 2 great training methods that can help those that are older as at an elderly age there are some movement problems that would limit working out potential. However, this does not mean that pilates and yoga are not great for teenagers. Teenage girls and boys are now embracing both yoga and pilates, mainly because of the conditioning and flexibility that are offered.

General Benefits Of Yoga And Pilates For Tens

teenagers preparing for yoga

Obviously, these two workout methods are more popular among women. They manage to bring out so many benefits that are simply perfect for teenagers like:

  • increasing mental strength
  • gaining spirituality benefits
  • increasing flexibility
  • strengthening muscles, especially core and torso
  • improving the overall posture

Workout routines do vary a lot based on the type of yoga and pilates that you practice. However, most are focused on mastering poses that are challenging and that rely a lot on breathing techniques. This basically means that we are faced with stress reduction, which is so great for a teenager as he/she goes through the puberty stage. You can easily learn everything at your very own pace so you are not going to rely on something that is too strict to respect.

Physical Benefits

physical benefits of yoga for teenagers

There are also many benefits that appear as athletic abilities are increased. Many turn towards other practices but most do not know that much about the fact that both pilates and yoga can drastically improve:

  • joint stabilization
  • balance
  • posture
  • core strength
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At the same time, we do have enjoyment since the programs are usually quite a lot of fun. Fitness and healthy lifestyles are always promoted, allowing teens to get in a better shape while increasing self-confidence, intellectual and social abilities.

Current Physical Level Does Not Matter

young woman practicing yoga

This is a huge advantage for teenagers. Both pilates and yoga are capable of strengthening the mind and the body, no matter the fitness level of the individual. We are faced with two practices that are perfect for absolutely all levels. You cannot find excuses due to the fact that you can start working out no matter how strong you are at the moment.


On the whole, it is quite obvious that both yoga and pilates are tremendous for teenagers and even for younger children. Parents do have to help the child to go through tough transitional moments in life. Introducing a teen to pilates or yoga can be great since they will always strengthen the mind and the body, leading towards an overall healthier lifestyle. You cannot want more for your child than that.