MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

By: Adrian Cruce

MUSCLETECH’s Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a very interesting product that is basically designed to help people lose weight at a much faster rate. We are talking about a product that was basically reworked and after that, it did start to bring in good reviews even from professionals.

MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite pills

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite includes yohimbe, Coleus forskohlii, caffeine, theobromine and L-theanine. We are faced with a very good and quite effective formula, one that does bring in something that is not offered by similar products.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials for this supplement were really interesting and did bring in some great results. We saw subjects that managed to lose 100% more weight on a 2 months period when compared with placebo groups. The diets in both groups were similar.


This product is different than those that offer the possibility to lose weight faster because it actually brings in more energy to the person that uses it. This is because of the addition of caffeine anhydrous as a really powerful thermogenic ingredient. Statistics show that a really good energy dose is offered, which is a great addition as many fat burners can make you feel a little weak.

User Reviews

This is definitely what you are interested in the most. Whenever looking at weight loss supplements, we have to see if they work or not based on what is said by people that actually used them in the past. We will start with the negatives and then move towards the positives so that you can decide if you want to try it or not.

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The side effects that can appear in many cases can be really disrupting. There are some people that highlighted the fact that they had nausea, headaches and were hyperventilating. Even many of those that gave MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite a positive rating did mention that some of the side effects were a little unpleasant but similar to fat burners in general. The bottom line with the negative reviews is that you will want to try the product first. In the event that you cannot bare the side effects or they appear, you can stop. As a general rule of thumb, in the event that you never took this type of supplement in the past, you will have some problems and this is actually normal. Feeling a little jittery and dizzy is something that you have to get used to. For some people the side effects will not be hard to handle. Everything boils down to tolerance.


The important part is the result. The truth is that Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite does work. According to the majority of users, a lot of weight loss was achieved. However, it does take around 5 days to be able to see that extra weight loss. You will need to also follow a proper diet and you have to work out constantly. This is basically the only way in which you can fully take advantage of what this supplement does.


We can conclude that Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is definitely something that you want to consider as a supplement that can help you use a lot of weight. It can be a great aid for you but you have to be a little careful. If you do not feel great after taking it, you will have to avoid it.

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