Misonceptions You Should Know About The Alexander Technique

By: Dzhingarov

There are so many out there that heard about the Alexander Technique but that do not actually know much about what they are talking. It is not something that is so popular since this is a technique that is directly connected with how the body functions and our current lifestyle. The current culture puts an emphasis on what we do instead of how we actually do it. With this in mind, let us think about the most common misconceptions that exist at the moment. That will help us to learn what is correct with the Alexander Technique.

alexander technique

Alexander Technique Takes Care Of Stiff Necks, Back Pain And So On

Most of the people that will take Alexander Technique lessons are currently in pain. They were told that this can help them. The truth is that many can be helped. however, this technique is educational. People are taught how to listen to their body so that they react properly.

This is a technique that teaches you what you do wrong and how you hurt your body. You are taught how to move, sit and perform all daily activities so that tension is minimized. Many of the therapeutic benefits are not anticipated and a surprise for students.

Alexander Technique Only Works For Performers

Many actors, dancers and musicians use the Alexander Technique but that does not mean that it is designed only for them. It does not matter what occupation you have at the moment. You can be an accountant or a professor. The reason why performers are attracted is the fact that their body and how it reacts has a huge impact on how well they perform.

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Alexander Technique Is Not For Old People

This is another misconception associated with Alexander Technique. The person that created this actually believed that it is always suitable to teach the method while a person was young but that is hard since children are not interested in co-ordination and posture.

It does not matter if you are young or old. there is no age restriction associated with the Alexander Technique. For instance, John Dewey was around 60 when he had his very first lesson.

The Alexander Technique Is Expensive

Some will go through training for years, many being interested of then becoming teachers. However, this does not mean that everything is expensive. You need to know that the basic principles that are associated with this technique are simple to understand. In many cases everything is associated with using common sense and applying what is normal and instinctual to your body.

One Alexander Technique lesson usually costs around the same amount as one massage session. There are also many teachers that give you access to group classes. These are obviously a lot cheaper and you can take advantage of this, especially as a beginner.

Hopefully, now you have less misconceptions about Alexander Technique. Give this really interesting technique a try. There are many benefits that are associated and you basically get to learn a lot more about how your body works and what you have to do in the future.