How To Cope With Emotional Changes Appearing After Weight Loss Surgery

By: Dzhingarov

No matter what weight loss surgery you go through, it is really important to understand the fact that this does not actually cure obesity and solve all problems you might have. Any surgery should be seen simply as something to help you get back on track faster. You need to get ready for some psychological hurdles that can easily appear since you have to get used to a new life and a new body.

Getting To Know The New You

Overweight people often disconnect from their own bodies. They tend to avoid mirrors and withdraw from different daily activities. After you are thinner you can still see yourself as being obese. It takes time to adjust to the new size, especially if for a long time you saw yourself as being fat. You want to allow yourself the needed time to get to know and love your new body. Support groups and exercises are highly recommended after weight loss surgery.

Have Realistic Expectations

Your overall life quality will be improved because of the weight loss but this does not drastically improve relationships. If you had problems before the surgery, they are still there. You need to make changes in your life and have realistic expectations about everything.

Most people that lose weight so fast after weight loss surgery have no idea what to do in order to keep the current weight. You want to start working out, preferably with something simple at first, like yoga, and then move on to the routine that helps you to keep your weight in check. Nutrition will also most likely need to change. Do help yourself by making a shift towards a healthier lifestyle but do it in a gradual way.

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Prepare For Addiction Swapping Needs

Many feel that they lost something after weight loss surgery since food was a big part of their life. Once you lose the weight you can end up feeling that something is missing in your life. Because of this, you might want to replace the addiction you had with something else. Regret can also appear as you may end up feeling sorry about the fact you cannot eat as much as you did in the past.

One of the common new addictions that appear is to alcohol but drug use and gambling are common. Addiction swapping happens as you feel you need something to replace food. Whenever you notice that you are swapping addictions, even if just for small quantities, do look for help as a counselor can do wonders to put you on the right track.

Be Careful About Disorder Eating

Since you were faced with weight problems for a long time it may seem that eating disorders are just laughable. This is not the case. In many situations following a bariatric surgery people end up developing disorders like anorexia and bulimia. It all starts with vomiting, which is a common side effect that appears post-surgery since you basically eat too much too fast with your body being used to the old quantities. This quickly turns problematic when a relying on vomiting steps in.