How Much Daily Protein Do You Need? Calculating Your RDA

By: Dzhingarov

You are surely aware of the fact that protein is paramount for proper health but do you know how much you actually need? Most people will use indications that are found on the internet. This is not a proper approach.

According to the professionals, protein RDA (recommended dietary allowance) is of 0.8 grams per body weight kilogram. You have to understand that this is basically the quantity that you need in order to function but not how much you actually need.

Calculating your own RDA starts by multiplying the weight that you have by 0.36. Use your weight in pounds. Even with this calculation, you may be faced with problems. Unfortunately, misunderstandings about protein intake even appear among athletes. This is obviously quite concerning. Most individuals believe that we consume way too much protein, which is definitely not the case.

The regular active adult needs to basically consume around 10% of the total daily calories from proteins. Statistics show that Americans consume 16% of the total daily calories from protein. This includes animal and plant sources. According to what most people believe, this is definitely more than needed. Recent studies highlight that 16% is not at all excessive. Higher protein intake brings in so many benefits that have to be taken into account at all times. This includes preserving your muscle strength even if you age, while maintaining a fat-burning, lean body. Protein is definitely a lot more effective than what the average person believes.

If you go up to double the regular RDA recommended at the moment, it is not a problem. You can consume 15% to 25% of your total calories from protein on a daily basis. It is possible to go over and under based on activity level, sex and age. Going as high as 35% for professional athletes is quite common at the moment.

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What Should You Remember?

At the moment, research is still being done about how much protein intake is optimal. Controversy still surrounds this topic. However, there are some facts that you have to remember at all times.

For starters, never consume more meat as you try to consume more protein. There are many food types out there that offer the protein that you need and when you get your supplement only from one source, you may end up with problems with other nutrients. Plant foods do include adequate quantities of protein. This includes beans, whole grains, nuts and vegetables.

Think about what is included besides protein in the food that you eat. You normally get minerals, vitamins, carbs, fats and other nutrients together with the protein. It is always a great idea to look for protein sources that do not include high quantities of processed carbs and saturated fats. Richness in other nutrients is also a great idea.

The last thing that we should mention is that as you consume more protein, you need to cut down on other groups. If you just eat more, you will end up consuming too many calories. You have to be aware of all that you eat, which is something that most people do not do.