Fight Acne in 5 Easy Steps

By: Dzhingarov

Acne is a skin disorder that normally starts when a person hits puberty but also affects adults at various times in their lives. The symptoms of acne are normally red raised spots that can be clustered in small groups or have large red, pus filled bumps. Anyone who suffers from acne will know how painful this can be and how it can affect their confidence and self-esteem. However, there are things that people can do to fight acne and reduce the amount of outbreaks to a minimum. If you suffer from this then follow these 5 easy steps, which will help you fight acne.


1.The first step in the fight against acne is hygiene. Now, you may wash your face several times a day, but if you are doing it the wrong way then it may make the acne worse. Use lukewarm water and a mild soap to actually clean your face and make sure that you are not scrubbing harshly. Gently rub the soap all over your face with your fingertips and then rinse off thoroughly to get the best results. Also make sure that when you pat your face dry that you are using a clean towel each time. This will make sure that you are not transferring any of the dirt or oil that you have previously washed off of your face back onto it.


2.Reduce the number of products that you use on your face, even if they say that they are suitable for acne prone skin. Often the chemicals these products contain will irritate the skin over a period of time causing acne to flair up. Also they will block your pores and may cause acne to appear in new places.

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3.Instead use oil to clean your skin. Now this may sound like an odd thing to suggest as we all know that oily skin will make acne worse, right? Well oil actually attracts other oil so by applying some to oily skin you will be drawing out the oil that your skin is over producing as well as the dirt that is blocking your pores and the bacteria that is creating the acne. Create a mixture of two thirds olive oil and one third castor oil and massage this gently into the skin until your whole face is covered.


4,Next fill a large bowl with water that is almost boiling. Cover your head with a towel and lower your oiled face over the steam and keep it there for a minimum of three minutes. The steam will open your pores and help the oil mixture that you applied to your skin in the previous step fully bond with your skins oil, making sure that all of the dirt and bacteria is loosened up so that it can be effectively removed. People with large acne spots will find that carrying this out twice a day will quickly reduce the size of the spots. When finished, wash and dry your face as above.


5.Finally consider the foods that you eat as they play a part in how bad your acne actually is. Whilst scientists have now proven that sweets and chocolate do not make acne and spots any worse, there are foods that do help. Talk to your doctor who will be able to provide you with a list of fruits, vegetables and other foods that are great for helping detoxify the skin and therefore fight acne.

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