Important Things To Know About Eye Exercises

By: Adrian Cruce

Eye exercises are highly controversial at the moment. There are some that will tell you that they are not at all great while some will say that they are really useful. As always with a medical debate, the truth is clearly in the middle. The truth is that eye exercises can be really good but only when you do them due to the right reasons. You cannot expect to go through the exercises and end up with a vision that will be similar to what we see in the movies.

The best thing you can do is talk with your doctor. A medic will prescribe eye exercises in one of the following situations:

  • lack of eye focus when reading
  • surgery was undergone and muscle control has to be strengthened
  • an eye drifts inward or outward
  • crossed eyes or strabismus
  • double vision
  • lazy eye or amblyopia
  • poor 3D vision – also known as binocular vision problems

eye exercises 2

Should You Consider Eye Exercises?

In the event that you are regularly faced with symptoms like blurred vision, increased sensitivity when faced with bright light, have eyestrain or you have problems when sustaining attention in your vision, eye exercises may be very good for you.

Keep in mind that eye exercises are not going to help you out in the event you have dyslexia, too much blinking, eye squinting or nearsightedness. In addition, the exercises are not going to be effective in the event that eye muscle is paralyzed, spasms appear or there are eyesight problems that appeared because of other symptoms than what was mentioned above.

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Those that suffer from conditions like amblyophia will benefit from the use of eye exercises in the event that they are prescribed during childhood. Eyeglasses are usually the first step towards solving such problems. The treatment is usually involving eyedrops that have to blur or block the good eye. Eye exercises can force your brain to see through an eye that is amblyopic, thus helping in restoring vision.

eye exercises

Doing Eye Exercises

The main purpose of the eye exercise is to strengthen eye muscles. At the same time, eye movements and focus are improved. Brain vision centers are stimulated by using progressive exercises. To put it simple, you are taught how to control eye muscles in order to see properly.

The problem with eye exercises is that you cannot simply go online and use some that you find. Everything depends on various factors like the eye problems of the patient and his age. That is why it is very important that you talk to your physician. If you do not do that, you may end up faced with doing eye exercises that are not helpful or you may actually damage your eyes even more if the exercises make the condition worse.

On the whole, make sure that you discuss with your doctor whenever you have eye problems and you think about using eye exercises. It is a mistake to start using the exercises alone. You need the help of a professional so that you can actually use the correct exercises.