What To Expect From Your First Reiki Session

By: Adrian Cruce

There is no such thing as a typical Reiki session since there are no strict protocols or a time limit, however, all Reiki sessions took place in a quiet place and the Reiki therapist can bring relief and comfort to people who suffer from various health problems including recovery after a surgery or injury, seasonal health problems and so on. If you want to know what to expect from your first Reiki session, check out the basic information we included here and the answers to the most common questions.

The first thing you need to consider before going to a Reiki session is choosing a professional Reiki practitioner whom you feel comfortable with and who will explain the process clearly before starting the session.

Some Reiki practitioners have intake forms people need to fill in before starting the session, some don’t but it is important to tell the practitioner if you have any specific requirements, such as areas sensitive to touch.

What Does The Reiki Session Consists Of?

A complete Reiki session requires the recipient to lie down on the treatment table, fully clothed or sitting in a chair. The practitioner places their hands on a series of locations like the head, back of the torso and front of the torso and, sometimes, on the limbs if the person undergoing the Reiki session suffered an injury or has a surgery. Some Reiki practitioners do this routinely in every complete session. If the patient has an open wound, the practitioner will not place their hands on the body, they will keep them off body above the wound.

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What People Experience During A Reiki Session?

During a Reiki session, people feel a gentle touch, not pressure nor pain. Some people experience heat when they are touched by the practitioner while other experience a refreshing and cool touch. There are people who experience pulsations in the areas touched by the practitioner or pulsations in their entire body.

Most people find Reiki to be a very comforting experience that allows them to deeply relax. Some people fall asleep during their sessions and most people feel immediate stress release and deep relaxation.

There are people who do not feel the stress release or the deep relaxation during their first session but their experience changes progressively if they continue with their Reiki sessions.

What Should People Do During A Reiki Session?

Some people like to listen to relaxing music during their Reiki sessions so you can bring your own music and ask the practitioner to play it during the session. Other prefer to stay in complete silence during their sessions.

If you are shy and/or you do not like to be touched, ask the practitioner to show you the hand placements before starting the session. In this way, you will know what to expect and you will be able to relax.

Tell your practitioner if you have problems lying flat on the treatment table and, during the session, communicate your needs to the practitioner. You can change your position if you feel uncomfortable or you can ask for additional support under your knees or torso.

How Do People Feel After A Reiki Session?

Most people feel refreshed and relaxed after a Reiki session and some feel more tired than usual in the evenings but that is normal and ok because it is the body’s natural response to healing.

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How Many Reiki Sessions Should I Receive?

Four sessions are usually recommended because during four sessions you get the chance to evaluate the benefits of Reiki and you can determine if you want to continue with the Reiki sessions or not.

In order to create a schedule for the Reiki sessions, talk to your Reiki practitioner because they will be able to advise you regarding the timing of the sessions.