Equine-Assisted Therapy Is The Perfect Therapy For Animal Lovers!

By: Adrian Cruce

We are bound to a strong connection with the Earth, the animals and the entire environment. This is how things were since the beginning of time and that is one of the reasons why people feel so drawn to animals and even to nature. Even if we have this strong connection to the outside environment, there are so many people who lead their lives inside the walls of a company with no personal goals or personal development desires. The thing with this world is that everyone wants a professional career and they forget about themselves, their needs and their desires.

The Body Suffers

One “collateral” damage that takes place when people focus on staying indoor is their body. It happens more and more often for people that are in their 30 to actually have problems that a 50 year old person would have. This is because of all the stress, the worries, the problems that a person has in his life.

The Equine-Assisted Technique

Equine-Assisted Therapy 2

Luckily, there are people in this world who understand the needs of the body and more importantly, they understand the connection with nature. That’s how the equine-assisted therapy was born. Basically, this is a body movement technique that implies the assistance of horses in order to experience emotions and grow from the inside.

The idea is pretty simple: a licensed therapist alongside a horse professional are both working together in order for the client to actually experience a unique type of therapy. Basically, the equine therapy involves setting up various ground activities that involve horses as well. A mention here is the fact that no ridding of the horses will be implied as the individual will have an experience alongside the horse, rather than on it. There are various skills that will be developed and tested throughout the activities from creative thinking to leadership and problem solving, but it also focuses on assertiveness and non-verbal communication.

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Why Horses?

First of all, this is an exercise that focuses on the similarities that people and horses have. Horses have been around since forever and people have developed a bond with these animals. They are social being as well, with clear defined positions in their herd.

Horses are large and powerful, they can overcome fear, develop confidence and grow strong, beautiful and free. By working alongside a horse, the individual develops the same amount of skills as the horse does, as they are both experiencing the same situation. It has been proven that people develop a lot better if they are put in a situation where they work alongside a person or even an animal.

To conclude, this type of technique offers the individual the possibility for metaphorical learning, which is a very effective type of technique as it will give the individual the chance to explore his inner self.