Why Is The Authentic Movement So Popular?

By: Dzhingarov

We Are Static

We live in a world where everything is bound to the computer, the tablet or even the smartphone. This means that we have to sit down for a great number of hours and just work in front of our devices. Our bodies were designed to run free on the fields, to enjoy the beauty of nature, to rejoice in the power of the outside, rather than being stuck in 4 wall room and work from 9 to 5.

That’s the reason why, more and more people take up yoga classes, body movement therapies and even the gym. They feel the need to move, to enhance their bodies and feel great about themselves. Here is the reason why this material will focus on highlighting the benefits of the movement therapies, especially the authentic movement.

It’s All About The Dance

Authentic Movement

This particular type of therapy is really powerful because it allows an individual to discover and explore the link between all his dimensions (psychological, creative, rational and so on). After practicing this particular technique, one will discover the environment a lot better, he or she will develop kinesthetic awareness, empathy and even a sense of embodied presence. It’s basically one of the best self-awareness exercises that have the purposes of putting you in front of you.

How Does It Work?

Authentic Movement 2

This particular type of body movement invites the individual to discover his inner world throughout natural movements. This can happen in an individual manner or it can take place in groups. It really depends on how confortable the individual is.

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It starts by closing your eyes and then moving in response to the body-felt sensations, emotions, impulses or even the images that ramble inside your head. This is basically a way to be aware of your body from the tip of the toe to the last of your hair. Of course, you are doing this type of exercise under the supervision of an expert that will be your guide throughout the entire process. He will monitor your experience and most importantly he will be your safety net in case something feels off.

There are certain situations where certain types of memories emerge and come forth while doing the expressive movement. There is a lot of emotional baggage when it comes to any individual and that is the reason why you will need a guide. There are situations where unresolved emotional conflicts, personal experiences, blocked memories and so on strongly come to your conscious.

The idea is to integrate them as being part of who you are and that’s what the authentic movement will help you with. It might sound like something pulled out of a spiritual book, but the world that we live in has forgotten the fact that we are not superficial beings, we are deep, emotional and very, very strong.

This is an idea that should be passed on to anyone who wants to get out of the static cage and start doing something for himself. Positive thinking is a part of all movement therapies.