Egg Protein Versus Soy Protein – What Should You Choose?

By: Dzhingarov

The argument about whether egg or soy is better has been an age old debate. Soy protein tends to appeal to vegetarians because it is not from an animal source and there is virtually no risk to your cholesterol level. Egg protein on the other hand is considered nature’s super food. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy living. The caveat being it is also very high in cholesterol.

Perhaps a closer examination of both protein types will help you make a more informed decision.

Egg Protein

egg protein supplements

Eggs were the protein of choice for many athletes. A few years ago, they got a bad reputation for increasing cholesterol levels and having excessive fat. Nevertheless, eggs are very high in protein and the yolk is filled with important minerals and vitamins that you wouldn’t find in one single food item. In fact, the amino acid profile of an egg is considered the best in all the food sources.

Eggs are rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, as well as vitamins D, E and phosphorous. Not only is egg a complete food but it is an affordable food.

If you are considering increasing your egg protein intake, think about an egg white omelette made from 3 egg whites and one whole egg. That way, you are getting all the benefits of the egg without increasing your fat and cholesterol levels.

Soy Protein

soy protein supplements

This is one of the best non animal sources of protein. Even though it is not a staple in the American diet, it can be found in various forms such as soy milk, soy cheese and soy tofu.

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Soy protein is easier to digest than many animal forms such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Soy protein is filled antioxidant capabilities which provide important anti-cancer and health benefits. The presence of isoflavones, phytic acid, protease inhibitors and saponins are responsible for soy’s health promoting abilities. Soy based meal replacement formulas can effectively lower overall body fat and weight, as well reduce your LDL cholesterol levels.

You can increase your soy intake by having items such as miso soup, tofu, or soy milk. You can also consider having soy-based meal replacement powders.

Which one is better for you?

Eggs are the best choice when it comes to protein supplements. However, they can trigger the most allergic reactions. Most of the allergenic proteins are contained within the whites. Eggs are also high in sulphur, which is responsible for causing intestinal gas.

Soy protein is also high in allergy-causing proteins (28). It should also be noted that the more soy protein you consume, the more likely it is that you will develop an allergy to it. Soy consumption also leads to the development of gas and promotes serious conditions of the pancreas.

So when it comes to deciding between eggs and soy, it is best to discuss this with your physician.