E-Liquid Advantages For Smokers

By: Adrian Cruce

One of the most interesting and new technological advances in the electronic industry is the creation of e-liquid. E-liquid has been around for a while, but until recently was largely overlooked by the market. It really caught on, however, when it became apparent to smoker enthusiasts that vaporizing their cigarettes helped them get through those final nicotine cravings. Now, however, e-liquid is becoming a major part of the smoking world. E-liquid provides vapers with a method of achieving the impossible: they can satisfy their smoking desire without ever having to smoke another cigarette. Let’s look at e-liquid advantages and disadvantages.

eliquid advantages


The first major advantage to e-liquid is its price. For about $20 per bottle, a person can get enough e-liquid to last him or her for a month. That may seem like an extreme bargain, but e-liquid is essentially just the same thing that’s found inside an electronic cigarette. It’s basically the same thing that’s found inside any number of vaporizers, grinders, pens, etc. So why the huge difference?

One reason why e-liquid is so much cheaper than an actual electronic cigarette is because people are buying it in bulk. The electronic cigarette companies are forced to sell in bulk because it’s the only way that they can make their product cost effective. This means that the manufacturer must oversell the product to dealers and other retailers in order to make a profit. By selling in bulk, the e-liquid company doesn’t have to pay the wholesaler or the manufacturer any more money; all they’ve got to do is pass the cost on to you.

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Healthier Smoking?

The second main advantage to e-liquid is that it provides a healthier alternative to smoking. Most tobacco products contain nicotine salt, which is the addictive element found in cigarettes. The nicotine salt in these products also reduces the effectiveness of other ingredients. By mixing your own e-liquid, you can avoid this problem. Also, by including fruit flavorings and other nutritive elements, you can provide your own nicotine boost without increasing your nicotine addiction.

In many vapers’ cases, they start smoking with higher nicotine levels and end up quitting with even higher nicotine levels. By replacing one of the main ingredients in cigarette smoking with an e-liquid, you can avoid this problem altogether. By mixing your own e-liquid with a healthy food or juice base, you can maintain the proper dosage and avoid increasing your nicotine levels to unhealthy degrees.

A Right Vaporization Level

Lastly, some vapers find it difficult to keep their juices at the right vaporization level. By purchasing a high quality dripping apparatus from your local electronic market, you can easily get the proper level of vaporization for your liquids. By following a few simple guidelines, you can get the most out of your vapes and avoid vaping issues that can potentially harm you and your family.

Most papers have reported great success in cutting down or completely eliminating their smoking habits. However, for those who are still addicted to cigarettes, or need to kick the habit for health or financial reasons, changing your nicotine levels is not always possible. Using a homemade e-juice and topping it with fruit flavors can be a good solution.

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There are many other e-liquid advantages for smokers that you can enjoy as well. Some people use e-liquid to reduce the intensity of cravings or to take away the feeling of boredom associated with smoking. In some cases, vapers have also found that they are able to sleep better when using e-liquid. Finally, if you smoke while you are on the go, you can eliminate that nuisance as well. Smokers who are concerned about their health and that of their family might consider investing in a quality, all-natural e-liquid that has no harmful additives or chemicals. E-liquid makers have been able to create some incredible flavors that really make a difference in the way that smokers experience the pleasure of smoking.